AI News, Pilot study validates artificial intelligence to help predict school violence

Pilot study validates artificial intelligence to help predict school violence

The researchers found that machine learning -- the science of getting computers to learn over time without human intervention -- is as accurate as a team of child and adolescent psychiatrists, including a forensic psychiatrist, in determining risk for school violence.

'The machine learning algorithm, based only on the participant's interview, was almost as accurate in assessing risk levels as a full assessment by our research team, including gathering information from parents and the school, a review of records when available, and scoring on the two scales we developed,' says Yizhao Ni, PhD, a computational scientist in the division of biomedical informatics at Cincinnati Children's and co-author of the study.

'Our ultimate goal, should research support it, is to spread the use of the machine learning technology to schools in the future to augment structures, professional judgment to more efficiently and effectively prevent school violence, adds Dr. Barzman.'

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