AI News, Phillips partners with Universal Robots for cobot CNC machine tending

Phillips partners with Universal Robots for cobot CNC machine tending

announced a distributor agreement intended to make it easier for manufacturers to apply collaborative robots to machine-tending tasks.

Even leaders in their respective fields need to find partners to reach their target markets, but they need criteria and good timing.

We’ve had success with machine tools, but we didn’t have the reach into the market, so we wanted to work closer with companies that understand their needs.

mission statement is to improve metalworking competency by applying great technology for competitive advantage.

Unemployment is at an all-time low, so we’ve got to embrace technology and bring competency to our core customer base —

We can help them understand that UR collaborative robots are easy to deploy and to adapt to almost any environment with relatively little work.

The UR+ ecosystem of suppliers and vendors allows us to quickly customize a robot for a machine-tending solution with a set group of vendors.

Shepherd: Anybody should be able to afford and put in a robot, and it shouldn’t require a tremendous amount of engineering to put in.

Together, we’re working with positioning of parts, making it easy to adapt and addressing the fact that most target manufacturers —

Half or more of the cobot applications are pre-engineered, so users can produce parts by the end of a shift, speeding payback.

VersaBuilt stepped in for this challenge, and its interface enables any program stored on the Haas CNC machine to be executed through UR’s teach pendant.

Garner: Our 160 employees advise customers on what manufacturing technologies are available and new, and how to apply them to their current shops.

Two years ago, Phillips dedicated a team of application engineers to help optimize manufacturing processes.

This could be tool paths, more sophisticated applications of UR cobots to processes, and redeploying existing labor to other areas of the shop floor where it’s needed, such as programming and quality assurance.

It’s based more on not knowing about them, so it’s more effective to hold open houses or lunch and learn sessions.

Once customers can see how simple the robot is to program and deploy and how easy it is to change from one machine to another, they grow in acceptability.

Robotics was traditionally in heavy manufacturing, automotive, and construction, so a lot of people don’t think that robots are for them and are too busy to go to trade shows.

It’s more about how to to better utilize the available technology and the current workforce’s skills and creativity to increase productivity.

MC Machinery Systems’ open house; EDM customer appreciation training

will further the rapid deployment of cobots with Haas CNC machines, offering machine shops a safe, user-friendly solution to optimize spindle uptime.  “Having an expensive machine sit idle and missing out on orders due to lack of staffing is every manufacturer’s nightmare,” says Stu Shepherd, regional sales director for the Americas division of Universal Robots (UR) that has already sold more than 1,000 UR cobots for tending Haas CNC machines.

“There is no hardwiring or complex coding involved in getting a Universal Robot to communicate with a Haas machine since UR has solutions like the VersaBuilt software that facilitates two-way communication between the UR cobot and the CNC.”  VersaBuilt’s Haas CNC Integration Kit is a simple yet powerful interface that enables UR cobots to easily execute any machining program stored on the Haas CNC directly through the cobot’s own teach pendant, maintaining all Haas safety interlock features.

Over the past three decades, AMT has built a strong partner and vendor network, and developed a loyal and diverse customer base throughout the U.S. Early in the company’s history, FANUC became both an important customer as well as a key partner, and recently recognized AMT with an award for outstanding growth in robot sales.

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“The intention is to merge the two companies in the coming months, creating what we believe is the number one boundary security product and services company in the world.

To both of us, nothing makes more strategic sense than this combination, and with DC Capital’s support we will be exploring additional strategic acquisitions to broaden our investment in innovation, geographies, and vertical markets.

While we will continue to operate as separate businesses in the short term, over the coming months we will work on merging all operations and we will keep you fully apprised of those changes.”

Michael Timan, CEO of Owl Cyber Defense, will continue to actively work alongside Bob in developing the vision, applying diligent process focus, and maintaining the sales and services engagement excellence for which we strive.

Highlights: Pivotal shares rose as much as 72% premarket Thursday August 15 after VMware said Wednesday it’s proceeding with an agreement to acquire all outstanding shares of Pivotal’s class A stock at $15 per share in cash, an 80.7% premium on Pivotal’s $8.30 closing price.

The transaction could contribute to the further diversification of VMware, which has moved to collaborate with cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon in order to enable existing customers to run their computing workloads in whatever environment they like.

Tesla, Inc

We bieden klanten de kans om op volledig duurzame wijze energie te genereren, op te slaan en te gebruiken.

Tesla zet zich in voor het wereldwijd aannemen en ontwikkelen van toptalent, in welke tak dan ook.

We werken aan een inclusieve omgeving waarin iedereen, ongeacht zijn geslacht, ras, religie of achtergrond, zijn beste werk kan leveren.

Elk lid van het team wordt geacht uit te dagen en te worden uitgedaagd, te creëren en te innoveren.