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Why the Next Generation of Workers Will Still Live With Their Parents

According to a recent Google Consumer Survey, conducted for the education company Upromise by its financial services parent, Sallie Mae, the majority of students expect to continue receiving financial support from their parents for up to two years after their college graduation.

Turkish women coming to rule world of artificial intelligence

Some important points in the report include caring for children at home, robots taking the place of workers at factories and offices being the most significant factors in women losing their jobs.

The biggest difference between the two sexes reveals itself most in Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Poland and Argentina.One important point highlighted in the report is that a better performance in decreasing this gap between the sexes was shown in 2018 when compared to 2017.

Woman artificial intelligence experts respectively serve in education with a 4.6 percent rate, in finance with 1.4 percent, in production with a ratio of 1 percent, and in the corporate services sectors again with a ratio of 1 percent.

While 22 percent of male artificial intelligence experts specialize in data, 24.1 percent of women artificial intelligence experts show their skills.

In a study by Pew, one of the world's leading research companies, conducted in the summer of 2018 among 979 technology pioneers, innovators, developers, business and political leaders, researchers and activists, it was revealed that 63 percent of the participants think that artificial intelligence will have positive effects on humanity in the next decade.

Computers will be more intelligent and capable than people in decision making, reasoning, learning, advanced analytics, method recognition, visual activity, voice recognition and language translation.

As the intelligent systems that come with digitalization take place in public space, vehicles, buildings and facilities, farms and business processes, time and cost will be saved.

Some points that participants of the survey are worried about: With increasing digitalization, people use digital tools - the content of which they do not know - at the cost of losing their independence Exploitation and use of data by companies and countries for a follow-up to make profits or to establish domination AI is taking work from people gradually Cognitive, social and vital skill losses in people caused by their trust in AI systems Information flow can be transformed into autonomous weapons, cybercrime and other weapons These people, who worry about artificial intelligence's affects on human life, call for the development of artificial intelligence policies according to the needs and the benefit of people including economically.

The Year in Science—and What Americans Thought about It

This year in science saw important developments, including a few surprises—but, many of 2018’s most significant events were the products of ongoing social and political trends that have been in motion for years.

The year 2018 saw renewed debate about the urgency and efficacy of policies to limit climate change, against a backdrop of severe weather events and at a time when the U.S. government continues to roll back environmental regulation.

It was also a year when both CRISPR and artificial intelligence (AI) revealed their growing potential for innovation across many fields, even as researchers expressed concern that these technologies were developing at speeds too fast to assess and evaluate their impact.

But, the public was also fixated on the launches of SpaceX’s revolutionary, reusable rockets—the latest chapter in the rise of private space companies, as the Trump administration continues to look for ways to outsource and commercialize U.S. space exploration.

Two reports published this year—amid months of extreme weather events including massive hurricanes, droughts and wildfires—reveal the full extent of the challenge in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Just this month, Google’s DeepMind project announced the development of its new AlphaFold system, which has the potential to predict the 3-D shapes that specific proteins will fold into—a uniquely useful tool in understanding diseases such as Alzheimer’s that are thought to be caused by misfolded proteins.

At NASA, government investment in space continued to yield noteworthy returns, as the InSight probe landed successfully on Mars to study the planet’s interior and the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft encountered asteroid Bennu, with plans to bring a sample back to Earth in 2023.

And although most Americans believe that NASA still has an essential role to play in the exploration of space, many express at least a fair amount of confidence that private companies can make meaningful contributions in such areas as developing safe spacecraft and conducting research to expand scientific knowledge.

Pew Research Center finds that half (50 percent) of women in STEM jobs say they have experienced any of eight forms of discrimination in the workplace because of their gender—more than women in non-STEM jobs (41 percent) and far more than men in STEM occupations (19 percent).

The survey also finds a higher share of blacks in STEM jobs report experiencing any of eight types of racial/ethnic discrimination (62 percent) than do other STEM workers, with many saying they have been treated as if they were not competent because of their race or ethnicity (45 percent).


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