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Cisco CSR 1000v and Cisco ISRv Software Configuration Guide

The Cisco CSR 1000v supports two types of license: Cisco Software Licensing and Cisco Smart Licensing.

For more details of both licensing methods, see Activating Cisco CSR 1000v Licenses The Cisco CSR 1000v supports the following types of Cisco Software License, depending on the software release:

exceeds the supported performance, the router may experience dropped packets and you will receive notification that the supported

The licenses must be activated in order for the Cisco CSR 1000v network ports to provide the supported throughput.

When the Cisco CSR 1000v is first booted, the router operates in evaluation mode, and provides limited feature support and

To obtain the full feature support and throughput provided by your license, you must install the license

If you install a different technology license (IPBase, Security or APPX), the corresponding license boot level command setting

is automatically added to the running configuration, but you must reboot the router for the new license technology level to

The installed license technology package must match the router’s current technology level (as shown with the show version command).

If the license package does not match the current license level the throughput is limited to 100kbps.

to a different technology package level, you must update the license level using the license boot level command and reboot

If the throughput license expires or becomes invalid, the maximum throughput of the router reverts to 2.5 Mbps (Cisco IOS

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