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dec. Mere Using apples, biohacker Andrew Pelling grows lifelike human ears.

nov. Mere My life - thanks to the awesome facilities team at @uOttawa,

Hi Andrew, Charles, Can you use a life size, adult, male (we think) skeleton with a few missing pieces?

nov. Mere @StMikesHospital's 10th Annual Research Retreat, listening to Dr. Pelling's @pellinglab 10 year experiment in propagating #curiosity, taking #risks and #leading #research in #academia 'unconventionally' #OurResearchChangesLives Svar Retweet 1

nov. Mere Little shop of horrors required watching for Canadian scientists says @pellinglab #OurResearchChangesLives Svar Retweet 2

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nov. Mere @pellinglab I think Andrew Pelling believes he has the best job in the world.

nov. Mere Dr Andrew Pelling speaking @StMikesHospital research retreat on serendipity and curiosity in Science #ouresearchchangeslives explaining the role of intellectual diversity and scientific rigour @pellinglab @RyersonResearch Svar Retweet 2

nov. Mere .@NatsaiAudrey discovered that the bacteria Streptomyces coelicolor makes a striking red-purple pigment.

Apply for the APEX Award scheme by 3pm, 14 December: @britac_news @royalsociety @LeverhulmeTrust … Svar Retweet 1

We can't wait to see you at @Telfer_uOttawa & explore this month's theme, #cmDeath w @pellinglab!

nov. Mere The foundation and logic of mechano-biology could not be better sketch in few words than in this great piece by @SchwarzUlrich Svar Retweet 17 Like 23 Pelling Lab @pellinglab 17.