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10 Investments For The Smart Investor In The New Digital Economy

If you had $10000 to invest for 10 years, where would you put it? Let's talk about some exciting ways to invest IN the future for YOUR future. Get Ready…Get Set ...

Nebula AI - artificial intelligence on the blockchain

Nebula AI will provide an opportunity for everyone to access the computing resources of artificial intelligence at any time and from anywhere. It is the technology ...

Enterprise Intelligence Service (EIS) Case Study

A short case study detailing one of our recent investigations and the EIS service See for more information and to ..

Document Understanding AI on Google Cloud (Cloud Next '19)

All industries face similar challenges as they seek to extract information from forms, documents, and visual artifacts - and most agree that is costly, time ...

Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2019

Blockchain, artificial intelligence, empowered edge, privacy and ethics, quantum computing, immersive experiences, augmented analytics, autonomous things ...

AI is getting ready for patents, but is patent searcher ready for AI?

AI meets IP: Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to produce a new wave of innovation and creativity. At the same time, it poses novel challenges and ...

The Most Advanced Civilization In The Universe

The Most Advanced Civilization In The Universe - The Kardashev Scale Explained Follow me on Instagram!: Join the ..

Robin Hanson on AI Takeoff Scenarios - AI Go Foom?

We discuss the feasibility & desirability of two AI takeoff scenarios (soft/hard), consider the historical and current degree of lumpiness of services in order to help ...

Is The Universe A Simulation?

Is The Universe A Simulation? - The Simulation Hypothesis Explained Join the community Discord!: Follow me on Instagram


AXenS Transforming Global Trade AXenS is the most forward-thinking platform for Distributed Supply Chain Finance & Trade Services ..