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Insights into the Electronic Structure of Molecules from Generalized Valence Bond Theory

In this article we describe the unique insights into the electronic structure of molecules provided by generalized valence bond (GVB) theory.

We show that GVB theory provides a unified description of the nature of the bonding in all of the above molecular species as well as contributing new insights into the well-known, but poorly understood, first-row anomaly.

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Human Extinction

Some ideas about our end. Twitter: Instagram: MORE LINKS BELOW! related Vsauce .

How to do Object Detection with OpenCV [LIVE]

I'll be using OpenCV + Python to detect strawberries in an image. This will take about 45 minutes and it'll be less than 100 lines of code. Code for this video is ...

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the answer to life, universe and everything

finally, the real answer to life, universe and everything. cut from the brilliant movie: the hitchhikers guide trough the galaxy. and we all know it is 42 ;) go and ...

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