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Hilbert Space Techniques in Complex Analysis and Geometry (Lecture 11) by Dror Varolin

PROGRAMCAUCHY-RIEMANN EQUATIONS IN HIGHER DIMENSIONSORGANIZERS: Sivaguru, Diganta Borah and Debraj ChakrabartiDATE: 15 July 2019 to 02 August 2019VENUE: Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS BangaloreComplex analysis is one of the central areas of modern mathematics, and deals with holomorphic functions, which are solutions of the Cauchy-Riemann partial differential equations.

Referred to as the “L2-theory of the ?¯¯¯-problem”, this method originated in the 1960s in the work of Hörmander, Kohn, Andreotti-Vesentini and since that time has evolved into a very powerful and flexible tool to construct analytic objects.This program aims to introduce graduate students, postdocs and early-career researchers to this method and its applications.

A Day (or Two) in the Life of a Children’s Librarian

Yesterday (Monday) started off with discovering that the group who used the large program room on Saturday night had left all the chairs out, and also had forgotten to sweep and get rid of the trash (we have a big mouse problem in our building –

So before I could set up for storytime I had to stack fifty chairs in short order, sweep the floor, and ask Pete (former Trustee and current amazing volunteer) if he could take down and put away the speakers.

Once storytime was over, I looked at the library website on my phone to see whether I could set up for my Tuesday afternoon program, which would be a lovely and efficient treat, since our program room is heavily used, and also very far away from the children’s room, so that it is hard for me to get up there to prep the room for my programs.

😉 ] Just as I sat down to check email, my boss called down to tell me that the book group had cancelled for tomorrow, and that she and one of the reference librarians were going up to the program room to take away the tables and reestablish the auditorium style seating that I would need on Tuesday.

And the feltboard story went over SO well that I realized that I should really make some additional felt stories for this group while I’m on break from school (over the years I’ve made at least fifty felt stories, but for my own sanity it’s time for some new ones!).

(If you haven’t had the chance to witness GraviTrax in action, it is an amazing way for kids to learn about force and motion and gravity while having a really, really fun time.) Then it was time to put away all the GraviTrax pieces, and to put away the six-foot tables and bring back out the art tables, and to set the story room up for the 6:30 evening program, a Polar Express Storytime run by the senior Girl Scout troop.

In the midst of this cleanup, my boss came downstairs with a woeful, apologetic look on her face, and with the bad news that the R—- group who had cancelled their Monday night reservation for the large program room hadn’t actually meant to cancel, and that they were coming after all…which means that I need to go in early this morning to set up the large program room for the afternoon Birds of Prey program before the first of four 5th grade classes arrives at 10:00 today for their research instruction.

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