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Peter Schwabe on Post Quantum Cryptography - Noisebridge 2016-08-04

Peter Schwabe talks about the future of Post Quantum Cryptograhy, and in particular on his recent collaboration NewHope.

Zerg & LinkMav: Cooperating Robots

Alexander Kleiner, Christian Dornhege, Rainer Kümmerle, Michael Ruhnke, Bastian Steder, Bernhard Nebel, Patrick Doherty, Mariusz Wzorek, Piotr Rudol, ...

Opportunities and Challenges for UX and AI (PAIR UX Symposium 2018)

Watch the rest of the PAIR UX Symposium talks here → Subscribe to the Google Developers channel →

Temporal Action Logic for Question Answering in an Adventure Game

Inhabiting the complex and dynamic environments of modern computer games with autonomous agents capable of intelligent timely behavior is a significant ...

Apple legend Steve Wozniak at Percona Live 2015

Steve Wozniak speaks with Percona's Jim Doherty on innovation, technology, personal inspirations and his passions at the 2015 Percona Live MySQL ...

Helsinki - Ampersand Live

NEW ALBUM Live at 100 Club, London 02/03/2015 - WATCH THE VIDEO IN HD! Check out our GIG REVIEWS & VIDEOS on Follow ..

The Chance of a Lifetime | Ann Power | TEDxDCU

Ann Power talks to us about the importance of each moment and making the most of the life we have. We need to wake up to this chance of a life time and make ...

Joe Rogan Reacts to CRAZY Tiger Attack Video, jre#1100 - Liz Phair

Joe Rogan and Liz Phair react to animal attack videos. Supplements from onnit: Alpha Brain from joe rogan here,

2015 Selden Society lecture - the Hon Justice Patrick Keane on Sir Edward Coke

The 2015 Selden Society lecture series - Seven English Judges begins with the Hon Justice Patrick Keane on Sir Edward Coke. For more information on Selden ...