AI News, Panasonic Autonomous Delivery Robots - HOSPI - Aid Hospital Operations at Changi General Hospital

Panasonic Autonomous Delivery Robots - HOSPI - Aid Hospital Operations at Changi General Hospital

Panasonic is excited to work together with Changi General Hospital to phase in our HOSPI robots for full deployment so that eventually medical caregivers' time is freed up for dedicated patient care and treatment.

HOSPI is equipped with sensors and programmed with the hospital's map data to avoid obstacles such as patients in wheelchairs and complete deliveries with minimal supervision.

Selina Seah, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Changi General Hospital, commented, 'HOSPI can help us save manpower and time in a simple and practical way especially with the challenges we are facing with an aging workforce whilst our healthcare facilities increases in size and distance.

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CGH offers a comprehensive range of medical specialties and services, helmed by a highly experienced and skilled team of healthcare professionals who consistently deliver excellent health outcomes and care for patients. CGH's

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