AI News, PAL Robotics Introduces Tiago Mobile Manipulator

PAL Robotics Introduces Tiago Mobile Manipulator

Spanish robot maker PAL Robotics, best known for their REEM humanoid robots, has just introduced a new mobile manipulator called Tiago (Take It And Go).

But really what’s going on here is that the current generation of mobile manipulators just looks like this: they’ve all got bases with wheels, spines to give them height, an arm that’s mounted on the spine somehow, and a sensor head.

The titanium version, which includes a five-fingered hand with aforce/torque sensor plus a 10-meter navigation laser, will set you back about€60,000 ($68,000).And if you want, say, a 10-meter laser but no arm because you just want to work on navigation for some reason, PAL is happy to work with you on other configurations.

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