AI News, Overview of AI Libraries in Java

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Visual Studio IntelliCode

IntelliCode saves you time by putting what you’re most likely to use at the top of your completion list.

With this preview feature, you can build a team model to provide recommendations on code that isn’t in the open source domain, such as methods on your own utility classes or domain specific library calls.

In addition to statement completion signature help, IntelliCode also makes argument recommendations to help you choose the right argument quickly.

Artificial Intelligence systems in Unreal Engine 4 (and other game engines in general)

however again it is so basic and without abstraction that it is only running through a script checking multiple values and acting exactly how we programmed it to, therefor acting out in a way that seems smart or clever, the real clever lies with the programmer that thought far enough ahead to make it follow this still very rigid path.

The weather will be based on a simulation of the worlds climate and ecosystem, quests and stories can still be implanted into the world but the AI will be able to twist and turn the events based on literally any decision the player makes completely molding the worlds systems and how everything reacts.