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The Fourth International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Economics and Management

This article discusses the Main themes presented at the workshop, including the need for multiple methods in any system designed to solve real-world problems, the differences in the effectiveness of AI versus classic analytic techniques, and the use of AI techniques to customize products.

The main themes that emerged during the workshop were (1) the need to use multiple methods in any system designed to solve major realworld problems, (2) a continuing interest in comparing the effectiveness of Al solutions with classic analytic techniques, and (3) a growing use of AI techniques to customize products to suit individual consumers.

Thus, their conclusion was that Al techniques might provide better results than rigid analytic methods for a variety of Two additional papers focused on the Prolog representation of business objects within the three-tier client-server architecture (D.

Lenca (Telecom Bretagne and Credit Mutuel de Bretagne) proposed a methodology for acquiring the knowledge of bank customer advisers for incorporation in decision support systems and knowledgebased systems.