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If you follow the data science community, you have very likely seen something like “language wars” unfold between Python and R users.

We are also going to peek into the world of Go-based data science to see what tools are available and how an ever-growing group of data science gophers are already solving real-world data science problems with Go.

These languages are undoubtedly producing value, and it’s not necessary to rehearse their virtues here, but, looking at the community of data scientists as a whole, certain struggles seem to surface quite frequently.

The following pains commonly emerge as obstacles for data science teams working to provide value to a business: Now, if we look at Go as a potential language for data science, we can see that, for many use cases, it alleviates these struggles: Note a few things here.

Moreover, data scientists really should love Go, as it alleviates their main struggles while still providing them the tooling to be productive, as we will see below (with the added benefits of efficiency, scalability, and low memory usage).

In fact, there are already a great number of open source tools, packages, and resources for doing data science in Go, and communities and organization such as the high energy physics community and the coral project are actively using Go for data science.

Contrary to popular belief and as evidenced by polls and experience (see here and here, for example), data scientists spend most of their time (around 90%) gathering data, organizing data, parsing values, and doing a lot of basic arithmetic and statistics.

Even though the above tooling makes data scientists productive about 90% of the time, data scientists still need to be able to do some machine learning (and let’s face it, machine learning is awesome!).

The Go community is extremely welcoming and helpful, so if you are curious about developing a data science application or service in Go or if you just want to experiment with data science using Go, make sure you get plugged into community events and discussions.

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