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Company Overview of Stanford University

Stanford University announced that it is launching a new institute committed to studying, guiding and developing human-centered artificial intelligence technologies and applications.

With world-class humanities, social sciences, engineering and medical schools located on the same campus as experts in business, law, and policy, Stanford HAI expects to become an interdisciplinary, global hub for AI learners, researchers, developers, builders and users from academia, government and industry, as well as policymakers and leaders from civil society who want to understand AI’s impact and potential, and contribute to building a better future.

Introducing the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

The emergence of artificial intelligence has the potential to radically alter how we live our lives. This new era can bring us closer to our shared dream of creating ...

2019 Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Symposium

Artificial intelligence will be the most consequential technology of the 21st century—augmenting human capabilities, transforming industries and economies, and ...

Stanford HAI 2019: Keynote with Bill Gates

Co-chair of the Gates Foundation, Bill Gates sits down with AI4ALL alumni for a special conversation.

The Future of Cancer Research | Freethink

Intel employee Bryce Olson was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. When the standard of care didn't work, Bryce turned to genomic sequencing which ...

Stanford University Tour & Artificial Intelligence Lab

I had the incredible opportunity to visit Stanford University Campus while in Silicon Valley. It was part of our Global Innovation Tour of The United States.

Artificial Intelligence: Who's in Control? - Part One

AI is changing the world around us, making its way into businesses, health care, science and many other fields. In fact, most of us are happy to work daily with ...

Panel: Progress in AI: Myths, Realities, and Aspirations

Moderated by Eric Horvitz, Managing Director, Microsoft Research Panelists: Fei-Fei Li, Associate Professor, Stanford University Michael Littman, Professor of ...

Human Intelligence Needs Artificial Intelligence

(March 2, 2012) Dan Weld talks about the economic motivations behind artificial intelligence. He then describes how a sense of community and common ...

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Humans create an AI designed to produce paperclips. It has one goal, to maximize the number of paperclips in the universe. The machine becomes more ...

Explainable AI and Human Computer Interaction

Watch SEI Researcher, April Galyardt, discuss "Explainable AI and Human Computer Interaction".