AI News, Open-source domestic robots

Open-source domestic robots

This article describes the building of a set of simple, open-source, domestic robots.

Parameters such as the setting of the cleaning/mowing tool radius and the area which is not covered (between the tool's radius and the 4 sides of the machine) should be able to be altered (for each type and size of robot) No additional sensors, or collision detection, ...

Depending on the initial tests, the brushes may be fitted unto a rotating disc (to increase scrubbing) and perhaps the mop may be left out completely depending on how much water actually winds up being left over on the floor.

Also, perhaps the mop may be fixed to either a automaticly roll (rolling up when filled with water into a extra container under the mop in tilted position).

This way, it is allready emissionless, and some of the power obtained from this renewable energy source can be used to power the electronic components that make it robotic.

We do this by implementing a printed circuit board (PCB) which is to incorporate the guidance system, and 2 motors that connect to either of the back lawnmower wheels via an axle (the front wheels are unpowered and are made rotatable (mount wheels with freely rotatable axles).Next, the main engine (allready used for rotating the blade) is given a dynamo or alternator (mount this on the drive belt, ...).

We could do so by making a small, deep hole in the garden where the lawnmower can be instructed to ride over once the container is full, and empty the container via a (electricly operated) trapdoor in the container.

Instead of lawns, paths made from small or large rocks, and the use of indiginous (long) plants is actually a more suitable and natural approach.

possible expantion of the project I was thinking about was the use of the software in a soil cultivation robot (for preparing the soil before planting or sowing plants, or removing weeds).

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