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Hiring bias remains unchanged for black America

A new meta-analysis took an inventory of hiring discrimination studies going back 28 years to find, statistically speaking, not much has changed. Learn more ...

Brandon Ellis of The Black Dahlia Murder on BIAS Amp 2

Learn more: Brandon Ellis of The Black Dahlia Murder​ takes BIAS Amp 2 through it's paces with "No Escape" off his self ..

Black Mensa Member Exposes Race Bias on IQ Tests

I decided I'd weigh in on the Race and IQ discussions that are all over the internet. The primary group that is behind these numerous discussions are those who ...

Charles Hedger of Mayhem on BIAS FX

Countdown To Black Friday Sales: We sat down with Charles Hedger of the infamous Norwegian black metal band The ..

News: Study Finds Black Undertreated For Pain Due to Racial Bias

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Include: Racism And Implicit Bias In Tech

Megan Rose Dickey sits down with Black Girls Code founder Kimberly Bryant to talk about racism and implicit bias in the workplace. Black Girls Code is on a ...

Do You Have A Racial Bias?

I don't think I'm racist, but this test might tell me that I am.” Take the test at Check out more awesome ..

Economic independence, racial profiling & institutional bias: Black experience in Canada

Ryan Singh, associate producer of the Black Experience Project, speaks with RT America's Ashlee Banks about challenges and experiences faced by black ...

White Folks and their BIAS against Black people

BRITISH BIAS | Black Prince ft.SABOT (War Thunder Gameplay)

Help Support me, use this link if you are in the market War Thunder equipment. GET SOME --- START PLAYING!! Download War Thunder ..