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Formalizing GDPR Provisions in Reified I/O Logic: The DAPRECO Knowledge Base

The DAPRECO knowledge base builds upon the Privacy Ontology (PrOnto) (Palmirani et al in Proceedings of the 7th international conference on electronic government and the information systems perspective: technology-enabled innovation for democracy, government and governance, 2018c), which provides a model for the legal concepts involved in the GDPR, by adding a further layer of constraints in the form of if-then rules, referring either to standard first order logic implications or to deontic statements.

The DAPRECO knowledge base is then a case study for reified Input/Output logic, and it shows that the formalism indeed appears to be a good candidate to effectively formalize, via uniform and simple (flat) representations, complex linguistic/deontic phenomena that may be found in legal texts.

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