AI News, Nov. 4: Carnegie Mellon Tartan Racing Wins $2 Million DARPA Urban Challenge

Nov. 4: Carnegie Mellon Tartan Racing Wins $2 Million DARPA Urban Challenge

- A self-driving SUV called Boss made history by driving swiftly and safely while sharing the road with human drivers and other robots.

Officials of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) today declared Boss the winner of Saturday's event, which pitted 11 autonomous vehicles against each other on a course of suburban/urban roadways.

scorecards overnight, DARPA officials concluded that Boss, a robotized 2007 Chevy Tahoe, followed California driving laws as it navigated the course and that it operated in a safe and stable manner.

Boss averaged about 14 miles an hour over approximately 55 miles, finishing the course about 20 minutes ahead of the second-place finisher, Stanford.   "Robots

the world that autonomous driving technologies are robust and will ultimately make driving safer and more enjoyable has been a major goal of the 45-member Tartan Racing team. "This

had declared Boss the top-rated robot in the event based on its performance on a series of qualifying runs at the former George Air Force Base in the week prior to the final event.

Boss was slated to start first on Saturday morning, but radio frequency interference caused in part by a Jumbotron television monitor next to the start chute jammed GPS signals to Boss.

was rigorously tested during its development, with two identical versions of the machine logging more than 2,000 autonomous miles, many on a brownfield site in Pittsburgh known as Robot City. One

of the team's advantages was a software system it developed called TROCS, which produced graphic animations of Boss's sensor and data inputs during each run.

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