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One-Third of Businesses Lack a Cybersecurity Expert

A survey of more than 3,000 CIOs found 95% of technology leaders expect cybersecurity threats to grow –

The '2018 CIO Agenda Survey' polled 3,160 CIOs across 98 countries and several major industries, which collectively represent $13 trillion in revenue and public-sector budgets, and $277 billion in IT spending.

'They either can't afford a certain skill set or aren't willing to spend the type of money security experts command.'

The average salary for a CISO is $250,000, he points out, and nobody really has the money to spend on a CISO unless they're a major organization like a large bank or pharmaceutical company.

Smaller institutions, such as local banks or credit unions, are stuck looking for employees with the same skill sets but will work for half the pay.

An additional 36% are experimenting or planning to introduce capabilities in the short term: Gartner anticipates 60% of security budgets will support threat detection and response by 2020.

They're investing in threat hunting, deception technologies, open source intelligence, and other tools they can use to scour the Dark Web to see whether they've been exposed, Olyaei says.

Cisco Connects the Factory Floor to the World

Manufacturing is being transformed by an aging workforce, with the average age of the highly skilled manufacturing worker hitting 56 years old in 2016.

As the manufacturing environment evolves with investments in robotics, advanced automation, rapid prototyping, and other new technologies, a commitment to employee education and an emphasis on knowledge-sharing help steady this challenging transition.

Manufacturers face a wide variety of challenges brought on by technological transformation, aging machinery, and a transitioning workforce – featuring both retiring workers and increasingly mobile job positions.