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He earned a double major in earth systems and political science, while also completing a third degree in economics.

After coming back to America, Thompson worked as a freelance journalist and as a street musician in New York City, frequently performing on the 14th Street L train platform at Sixth Avenue.[4]

The two turned the story into an interactive digital manhunt, with Ratliff disappearing and Thompson helping readers on Twitter as they tried to track him down.

By the time the metered paywall was introduced months later, new subscription sign-ups were 85 percent higher than they had been the previous January.[10]

“Nick’s return to Wired, combined with his impeccable journalistic skills, will give the Wired team a tremendous advantage in covering the world of technology,” Condé Nast's Anna Wintour said at the time of the announcement.

“The job isn’t to champion, the job is to be as smart as you can be about [tech companies] and praise them when they do things that are right and hold them to account when they do things that are wrong,” he has said, “The role of Wired has shifted, and it’s shifted in a way that’s a little complicated for our audience.”[14]

In February 2018, Thompson co-wrote Wired's cover story 'Inside the Two Years that Shook Facebook—and the World,' an 11,000-word investigation based on reporting with more than fifty current and former Facebook employees.[16]

Fortune described the piece as, 'a stellar example of the sort of long-form journalism that no summaries or clickbait teases or listicles can replace, the kind of substantive analysis and storytelling that make democracy and capitalism function.”[17]

Prior to becoming a journalist, Thompson released three albums of acoustic guitar music and co-wrote a book about comparative economic development in West Africa and Southeast Asia.

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