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Apple Acquires Artificial Intelligence Company

The company, founded in 2016, had raised millions of dollars to build tools that help AI algorithms run on devices rather than remote data centers.

In recent years, Apple has pushed to run this type of software on its devices to keep user information more private and speed up processing.

In recent months, Apple bought smartphone camera software company Spectral Edge and struck a deal with graphics company Imagination Technologies.

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What is artificial intelligence? - BBC News

The BBC's quick guide to artificial intelligence. Subscribe to BBC News HERE Check out our website: Facebook: .

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on why artificial intelligence is the next big retail trend

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sat down with Yahoo Finance's Brian Sozzi at the worlds largest retail conference, NRF, to discuss what he expects for the future of ...

Artificial Intelligence & the Future - Rise of AI (Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Sundar Pichai)|Simplilearn

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Artificial intelligence can be biased against certain people. Here's how.

Whether we know it or not, we use artificial intelligence every day. But the results AI gives us may reinforce our own cultural stereotypes. Stream your PBS ...

Pentagon outlines its artificial intelligence strategy

The Pentagon unveiled its plan to increase its use of AI across the military. Zachary Fryer-Biggs, a national security reporter at the Center for Public Integrity, ...

Singapore rolls out new national strategy on artificial intelligence

At the Singapore Fintech Festival, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat unveiled a game plan for developing and deploying artificial intelligence (AI), as the ...