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‍Preliminary assessment of the international spreading risk associated with the 2019 nCOV outbreak in Wuhan city Starting in December 2019, Chinese health authorities have been closely monitoring a cluster of pneumonia cases in the city of Wuhan, in Hubei Province.

By using the cases detected outside China we are providing estimates of size of the Wuhan outbreak as of January 29th, 2020.​ By using an estimate of 10 days from exposure to detection and an effective population of 20 million people in Wuhan catchment area the estimated median size of the Wuhan outbreak is 31,200 infections [95% CI: 23,400-40,400].

Based on the number of infected individuals detected in Wuhan (China) the model estimates two main quantities: Relative importation risk: for each location Y, the platform evaluates the probability P(Y) that a single infected individual is traveling from the index areas to that specific destination Y.

Real time situation reports on nCov within China based on digital data streams, a Chinese online community for physicians and health care professionals, provides real-time situation reports of  the 2019 nCov oubreak in China.

Khoury College of Computer Sciences

The workshop will provide an introduction to basic computing concepts for those with a non-technical background and will focus on giving a broad understanding of the fundamental and trending topics in computer science, using real-life examples to illustrate the relevance of concepts to applications we all use daily.


Union leaders and labor rights advocates applauded the Democrat-controlled U.S. House for passing landmark legislation Thursday night that supporters have called one of the most notable efforts to expand workers' rights in several decades.

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On March 11, 2011, one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded shook the northeastern coast of Japan, causing a tsunami that killed nearly 20000 ...

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China's first 5G border checkpoint has been established in the northeastern province of Jilin to help border patrol keep things in check. China and the ...

Computational Justice: How Artificial Intelligence and Digital Phenotyping Can Advance Social Good

October 23, 2019 Description: The future of neuroscience and law will be a computational future, as both fields are increasingly integrating artificial intelligence ...

Interview with Rutu Mulkar, Reiki Master & Artificial Intelligence Scientist

Watch and learn how and why a scientist use Reiki to unwind her mind and increase her productivity and creativity!

Level1 News January 1 2020: Drones And The Sheep Who Love Them

0:41 - Amazon, Ring face lawsuit over alleged security camera .