AI News, New Brothers Grimm fairytale written by artificial intelligence robot

New Brothers Grimm fairytale written by artificial intelligence robot

The Brothers Grimm have been dead more than 150 years, but they recently released a new story with a little help from artificial intelligence.

The Princess and the Fox was created after a group of writers, artists and developers used a programme inspired by predictive text on phones to scan the collected stories of the Brothers Grimm to suggest words and similar phrases.

The new tale tells the story of a talking fox who helps a lowly miller’s son rescue a beautiful princess from the fate of having to marry a horrible prince she does not love.

And even though the cast of princesses and swineherds seem a very long way away from the world most of us inhabit, the stories are still a crucial part of our cultural heritage.

In my father’s version of the tale, the princess first met the frog by the lake – in reality built by Capability Brown for the first duke of Marlborough – when she dropped her favourite plaything, a golden ball, into the water.

This is exactly what stories can do, they fold all of their tellers and places together – and therein lies their mystery and their magic – once a story exists, it changes how we experience the world.

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