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Python A-Z - Learn Python Programming By Building 5 Projects [Video] Shubham Sarda ISBN 13: 9781839212956 Packt Course Length: 12 hours 21 minutes 11 Oct 2019 (MONTH YEAR) Video Overview: Python programming masterclass for beginners – learn all about Python 3 with object-oriented concepts, five projects and more!

Python Parallel Programming Cookbook - Second Edition Giancarlo Zaccone ISBN 13: 9781789533736 Packt 370 pages Pages: 11 hours 6 minutes (6 Sep 2019) Book Overview: Implement effective programming techniques in Python to build scalable software that saves time and memory Nowadays, it has become extremely important for programmers to understand the link between the software and the parallel nature of their hardware so that their programs run efficiently on computer architectures.

Python GUI Programming Cookbook - Third Edition Burkhard Meier ISBN 13: 9781838827540 Packt 486 Pages (11 Oct 2019) Book Overview: Over 90 recipes to help you develop widgets, forms, layouts, charts, and much more using the latest features of Python 3 Python is a multi-domain, interpreted programming language that is easy to learn and implement.

Harwani ISBN 13: 9781838988470 Packt 746 Pages (24 Jun 2019) Book Overview: Explore Python’s GUI frameworks and create visually stunning and feature-rich applications This Learning Path begins by introducing you to Tkinter and PyQt, before guiding you through the application development process.

Python Clean Coding Peter Fisher ISBN 13: 9781788831079 Course Length: 2 hours 8 minutes (3 Jul 2019) Video Overview: Discover simple practices for writing clean and efficient Python code Even bad code can function.

Harwani ISBN 13: 9781838988470 Packt 746 Pages Course Length: 22 hours 22 minutes (24 Jun 2019) Book: Explore Python’s GUI frameworks and create visually stunning and feature-rich applications A

Hands-On Qt for Python Developers Volodymyr Kirichinets ISBN 13: 9781789612790 Packt 770 Pages (29 May 2019) Book Overview: Boost UI development with ready-made widgets, controls, charts, and data visualization and create stunning 2D and 3D graphics with PyQt and PySide2.

Deep Learning and Neural Networks using Python - Keras: The Complete Beginners Guide Abilash Nelson ISBN 13: 9781838986476 Packt Course Length: 11 hours 7 minutes (28 May 2019) Video Overview: Deep learning and data science using a Python and Keras library - The complete guide from a beginner to professional The world has been obsessed with the terms "machine learning"

Hands-On Qt for Python Developers Volodymyr Kirichinets ISBN 13: 9781789612790 Packt 770 Pages (29 May 2019) Book: Boost UI development with ready-made widgets, controls, charts, and data visualization and create stunning 2D and 3D graphics with PyQt and PySide2.

Hands-On GPU Computing with Python Avimanyu Bandyopadhyay ISBN 13: 9781789341072 Packt 452 Pages (13 May 2019) Book: Explore GPU-enabled programmable environment for machine learning, scientific applications, and gaming using PuCUDA, PyOpenGL, and Anaconda Accelerate This book will be your guide to getting started with GPU computing.

With this book, you will be able to set up a GPU ecosystem for running complex applications and data models that demand great processing capabilities, and be able to efficiently manage memory to compute your application effectively and quickly.

Moore ISBN : 9781789612905 Packt Pages : 542 pages (23 May 2019) Book Overview: An advanced guide to creating powerful high-performance GUIs for modern, media-rich applications in various domains such as business and game development You will get started with an introduction to PyQt5, before going on to develop stunning GUIs with modern features.

MicroPython Cookbook Marwan Alsabbagh ISBN :9781838649951 Packt Pages : 452 (20 May 2019) Book Overview: Build practical solutions to control LEDs, make music and read sensor data using popular microcontrollers such as Adafruit Circuit Playground, ESP8266, and the BBC Micro Bit The MicroPython book covers recipes that will help you experiment with the programming environment and hardware programmed in MicroPython.

You’ll learn about Python 3.x new features and develop the skills required for building robust, easily scalable, and maintainable code in Python.Throughout this course, you will be building multiple applications ranging from simpler ones to more complex ones.

Applied Deep Learning with PyTorch Hyatt Saleh ISBN 13: 9781789804591 Packt 254 Pages (26 Apr 2019) Book Overview: Implement techniques such as image classification and natural language processing (NLP) by understanding the different neural network architectures Machine learning is rapidly becoming the most preferred way of solving data problems, thanks to the huge variety of mathematical algorithms that find patterns, which are otherwise invisible to us.

Python Data Mining Quick Start Guide Nathan Greeneltch ISBN 13: 9781789800265 Packt 188 Pages (24 Apr 2019) Book OR Video Overview: Explore the different data mining techniques using the libraries and packages offered by Python Data mining is a necessary and predictable response to the dawn of the information age.

It is typically defined as the pattern and/ or trend discovery phase in the data mining pipeline, and Python is a popular tool for performing these tasks as it offers a wide variety of tools for data mining.

Publisher's page --- Troubleshooting Python Deep Learning [Video] Jakub Konczyk ISBN 13: 9781788998192 Packt Course Length: 3 hours 2 minutes ( 29 April 2019) Video Overview: After carefully analyzing the most popular errors or problems that arise while working on Deep Learning models, we have identified the most usable models used for classification in this course and provided practical yet unique solutions to each problem that are easy to understand and implement.

Hands-On Deep Learning Architectures with Python Yuxi (Hayden) Liu, Saransh Mehta ISBN 13: 9781788998086 Packt 316 Pages (April 2019) Book Overview: Concepts, tools, and techniques to explore deep learning architectures and methodologies Deep learning architectures are composed of multilevel nonlinear operations that represent high-level abstractions;

OpenCV Computer Vision Examples with Python: A Complete Guide for Dummies [Video] Abhilash Nelson ISBN 13: 9781838820817 Packt Course Length: 08 hours 50 minutes (March 2019) Video Overview: Computer Vision is an AI based, that is, Artificial Intelligence-based technology that allows computers to understand and label images.

Artificial Intelligence in 3 Hours [Video] Luka Anicin ISBN 13: 9781838646196 Packt Course Length: 03 hours 05 minutes (March 2019) Video Overview: Get up and running with AI in less than 3 hours What do self-driving cars, face recognition, web search, industrial robots, missile guidance, and tumor detection have in common?

Hands-On Artificial Intelligence with Keras and Python [Video] Sandipan Das ISBN 13: 9781838557829 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 31 minutes (March 2019) Video Overview: Use Keras to solve advanced industry relevant projects AI will help you solve key challenges in the future in several domains.

Hands-On Python 3.x GUI Programming [Video] Burkhard Meier ISBN 13: 9781789957242 Course Length: 2 hours 56 minutes (March 2019) Video Overview: Create complete fluid, interactive and powerful applications with Tkinter &

Full-Stack Web Development with Flask [Video] Christian Hur ISBN 13: 9781789957464 Course Length: 5 hours 10 minutes (March 2019) Video Overview: Learn to create and deploy simple yet powerful websites using the Flask Framework In this course, we will cover everything you need to know to build a dynamic web application using the Python and Flask frameworks for seamless full-stack web development.

PyTorch Deep Learning in 7 Days [Video] Will Ballard ISBN 13: 9781789135367 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 9 minutes (March 2019) Video Overview: Seven short lessons and a daily exercise, carefully chosen to get you started with PyTorch Deep Learning faster than other courses PyTorch is Facebook’s latest Python-based framework for Deep Learning.

This course is an attempt to break the myth that Deep Learning is complicated and show you that with the right choice of tools combined with a simple and intuitive explanation of core concepts, Deep Learning is as accessible as any other application development technologies out there.

Hands-On Big Data Analytics with PySpark Rudy Lai, Bartłomiej Potaczek ISBN 13: 9781838644130 Packt 182 Pages (March 2019) Book Overview: Use PySpark to easily crush messy data at-scale and discover proven techniques to create testable, immutable, and easily parallelizable Spark jobs Apache Spark is an open source parallel-processing framework that has been around for quite some time now.

Faruque Sarker, Sam Washington ISBN 13: 9781789958096 Packt 490 Pages (March 2019) Book Overview: Take your networking skills to the next level by learning network programming concepts and algorithms using Python Network programming has always been a demanding task.

Starting with a walk through of today's major networking protocols, through this book, you'll learn how to employ Python for network programming, how to request and retrieve web resources, and how to extract data in major formats over the web.

Data Science for Marketing Analytics Tommy Blanchard, Debasish Behera, Pranshu Bhatnagar ISBN 13: 9781789959413 Packt 420 Pages (March 2019) Book Overview: Explore new and more sophisticated tools that reduce your marketing analytics efforts and give you precise results Data Science for Marketing Analytics takes a hands-on approach to the practical aspects of using Python data analytics libraries to ease marketing analytics efforts.

Python Machine Learning Cookbook - Second Edition Giuseppe Ciaburro, Prateek Joshi ISBN 13: 9781789808452 Packt 642 Pages (March 2019) Book Overview: Discover powerful ways to effectively solve real-world machine learning problems using key libraries including scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and PyTorch This eagerly anticipated second edition of the popular Python Machine Learning Cookbook will enable you to adopt a fresh approach to dealing with real-world machine learning and deep learning tasks.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Fundamentals Zsolt Nagy ISBN 13: 9781789801651 Packt 330 Pages (December 2018) Book Overview: Create AI applications in Python and lay the foundations for your career in data science As you make your way through the book, you will progress to advanced AI techniques and concepts, and work on real-life datasets to form decision trees and clusters.

Data Analysis with Python David Taieb ISBN 13: 9781789950069 Packt 490 Pages (December 2018) Book Overview: Learn a modern approach to data analysis using Python to harness the power of programming and AI across your data.

Computer Vision Projects with OpenCV and Python 3 Matthew Rever ISBN 13: 9781789954555 Packt 182 Pages (December 2018) Book Overview: Gain a working knowledge of advanced machine learning and explore Python’s powerful tools for extracting data from images and videos With the help of this book, you will learn how to set up Anaconda and Python for the major OSes with cutting-edge third-party libraries for Computer Vision.

Introduction to Bayesian Analysis in Python (Video) Sunil Gupta ISBN 13: 9781788997010 Packt Course Length: 1 hour 10 minutes (December 2018) Video Overview: This course focuses on the application of relevant Bayesian techniques The course introduces the framework of Bayesian Analysis.

Deep Learning for Python Developers {Video} Will Ballard ISBN 13: 9781788993883 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 11 minutes (December 2018) Video Overview: Use your Python skills to build powerful Deep Learning applications This course is for Python developers who haven't worked with machine learning or data science, and want to build intelligent systems right away—without taking a math degree!

Bayesian Analysis with Python - Second Edition Osvaldo Martin ISBN 13: 9781789341652 Packt 356 Pages (December 2018) Book Overview: Bayesian modeling with PyMC3 and exploratory analysis of Bayesian models with ArviZ The second edition of Bayesian Analysis with Python is an introduction to the main concepts of applied Bayesian inference and its practical implementation in Python using PyMC3, a state-of-the-art probabilistic programming library, and ArviZ, a new library for exploratory analysis of Bayesian models.

Hands-On Predictive Analytics with Python Alvaro Fuentes ISBN 13: 9781789138719 Packt 330 Pages (December 2018) Book Overview: Step-by-step guide to build high performing predictive applications Predictive analytics is an applied field that employs a variety of quantitative methods using data to make predictions.

Bioinformatics with Python Cookbook - Second Edition Tiago Antao ISBN 13: 9781789344691 Packt 360 Pages (November 2018) Book Overview: Discover modern, next-generation sequencing libraries from Python ecosystem to analyze large amounts of biological data Bioinformatics is an active research field that uses a range of simple-to-advanced computations to extract valuable information from biological data.

Image processing plays an important role in our daily lives with various applications such as in social media (face detection), medical imaging (X-ray, CT-scan), security (fingerprint recognition) to robotics &

The book will start from the classical image processing techniques and explore the evolution of image processing algorithms up to the recent advances in image processing or computer vision with deep learning.

This book will enable us to write code snippets in Python 3 and quickly implement complex image processing algorithms such as image enhancement, filtering, segmentation, object detection, and classification.

Recurrent Neural Networks with Python Quick Start Guide Simeon Kostadinov ISBN 13: 9781789132335 Packt 122 Pages November 2018) Book Overview: Learn how to develop intelligent applications with sequential learning and apply modern methods for language modeling with neural network architectures for deep learning with Python's most popular TensorFlow framework.

Hands-On GPU Programming with Python and CUDA Dr. Brian Tuomanen ISBN 13: 9781788993913 Packt 310 Pages November 2018) Book Overview: Build real-world applications with Python 2.7, CUDA 9, and CUDA 10 Hands-On GPU Programming with Python and CUDA hits the ground running: you’ll start by learning how to apply Amdahl’s Law, use a code profiler to identify bottlenecks in your Python code, and set up an appropriate GPU programming environment.

Hands-On OpenCV 4 with Python Colibri Digital ISBN 13: 9781789618464 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 31 minutes (November 2018) Video Overview: Dive right into the world of Computer Vision and AI by making five awesome, real-life applications with this hands-on course The scope of computer vision has been booming in the past few years and it has become a highly sought-after skill.

Mastering Concurrency in Python Quan Nguyen ISBN 13: 9781789343052 Packt 446 Pages (November 2018) Book Overview: Immerse yourself in the world of Python concurrency and tackle the most complex concurrent programming problems Python is one of the most popular programming languages, with numerous libraries and frameworks that facilitate high-performance computing.

Mastering Concurrency in Python starts by introducing the concepts and principles in concurrency, right from Amdahl's Law to multithreading programming, followed by elucidating multiprocessing programming, web scraping, and asynchronous I/O, together with common problems that engineers and programmers face in concurrent programming.

Application Development with Python and Flask Achim Takunda Munene ISBN 13: 9781788991575 Course Length: 6 hours 7 minutes (November 2018) Video Overview: Dive into the world of Flask Framework in Python to build an array of simple yet powerful web applications This course will take you through Flask Microframework;

Hands-On Software Engineering with Python Brian Allbee ISBN 13: 9781788622011 Packt 736 Pages (October, 2018) Book Overview: Explore various verticals in software engineering through high-end systems using Python Software Engineering is about more than just writing code—it includes a host of soft skills that apply to almost any development effort, no matter what the language, development methodology, or scope of the project.

Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Python - Second Edition Dr. Basant Agarwal ISBN 13: 9781788995573 Packt 398 Pages (October, 2018) Book Overview: Learn to implement complex data structures and algorithms using Python This book helps you to understand the power of linked lists, double linked lists, and circular linked lists.

As you make your way through the chapters, you will explore the application of binary searches and binary search trees, along with learning common techniques and structures used in tasks such as preprocessing, modeling, and transforming data.

You will train machine learning algorithms to classify flowers, predict house price, identify handwritings or digits, identify staff that is most likely to leave prematurely, detect cancer cells and much more!

Master Computer Vision OpenCV3 in Python and Machine Learning (Video) Rajeev Ratan ISBN 13: 9781789616521 Packt Course Length: 6 hours 14 minutes (October 2018) Video Overview: Learn Computer Vision concepts by building 12 projects, including handwriting recognition, face filters, and car and people detection!

Applied Data Science with Python and Jupyter Alex Galea ISBN 13: 9781789958171 Packt 192 Pages (MONTH YEAR) Book Overview: Become the master player of data exploration by creating reproducible data processing pipelines, visualizations, and prediction models for your applications.

By the end of the book, you will also have learned how to deploy and scale your applications with Docker and Traefik and explore the significant potential behind the reactive streams concept, and you'll have got to grips with a comprehensive set of best practices.

Learning Vue.js 2.0 ISBN 13: 9781788397414 Packt Course Length: 1 hour 46 minutes (October 2018) Book OR Video Overview: Build amazing and complex reactive web applications with Vue.js This video course shows developers how to build high-performing, reactive web interfaces with Vue.js.

Several modern tools such as Webpack, vue-cli, hot reloading, and vue devtools will be used to develop modern web applications, focusing on the view layer to provide the most performant experience for users.

comprehensive guide to help you understand the principles of Reactive and asynchronous programming and its benefits Reactive programming is central to many concurrent systems, but it’s famous for its steep learning curve, which makes most developers feel like they're hitting a wall.

By the end of the book, you will also have learned how to deploy and scale your applications with Docker and Traefik and explore the significant potential behind the reactive streams concept, and you'll have got to grips with a comprehensive set of best practices.

Mastering Flask Web Development - Second Edition Daniel Gaspar, Jack Stouffer ISBN 13: 9781788995405 Packt 332 Pages (October 2018) Book Overview: Learn to build modern, secure, highly available web MVC applications and API’s using Python`s Flask framework.

Machine Learning for Healthcare Analytics Projects Eduonix Learning Solutions ISBN 13: 9781789536591 Packt 134 Pages (October 2018) Book Overview: Create real-world machine learning solutions using NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, and scikit-learn Machine Learning (ML) has changed the way organizations and individuals use data to improve the efficiency of a system.

Machine Learning with scikit-learn Quick Start Guide Kevin Jolly ISBN 13: 9781789343700 Packt 172 Pages (October 2018) Book Overview: Deploy supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms using scikit-learn to perform classification, regression, and clustering.

Python Deep Learning Projects Matthew Lamons, Rahul Kumar, Abhishek Nagaraja ISBN 13: 9781788997096 Packt 472 Pages (October 2018) Book Overview: Insightful projects to master deep learning and neural network architectures using Python and Keras Deep learning has been gradually revolutionizing every field of artificial intelligence, making application development easier.

You’ll learn how to implement a text classifier system using a recurrent neural network (RNN) model and optimize it to understand the shortcomings you might experience while implementing a simple deep learning system.

Mastering Python for Networking and Security José Manuel Ortega ISBN 13: 9781788992510 Packt 426 Pages (September 2018) Book Overview: Master Python scripting to build a network and perform security operations Python is being used for increasingly advanced tasks, with the latest update introducing many new packages.

Python Automation Cookbook Jaime Buelta ISBN 13: 9781789133806 Packt 398 Pages (September 2018) Book Overview: Step-by-step instructions which take you through each program to automate monotonous tasks with Python 3.7 The Python Automation Cookbook helps you develop a clear understanding of how to automate your business processes using Python, including detecting opportunities by scraping the web, analyzing information to generate automatic spreadsheets reports with graphs, and communicating with automatically generated emails.

Mastering Predictive Analytics with scikit-learn and TensorFlow Alan Fontaine ISBN 13: 9781789617740 Packt 154 Pages (September 2018) Book Overview: Learn advanced techniques to improve the performance and quality of your predictive models Python is a programming language that provides a wide range of features that can be used in the field of data science.

Binary Exploits with Python Sam Bowne ISBN 13: 9781788398343 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 53 minutes (September 2018) Video Overview: Create simple binary exploits with Python This video course starts with high-level code injection, the simplest sort of exploit.

Python Reinforcement Learning Projects Sean Saito, Yang Wenzhuo and Rajalingappaa Shanmugamani ISBN 13: 9781788991612 Packt 296 Pages (September 2018) Book Overview: Deploy autonomous agents in business systems using powerful Python libraries and sophisticated reinforcement learning models Reinforcement learning (RL) is the next big leap in the artificial intelligence domain, given that it is unsupervised, optimized, and fast.

As you make your way through the book, you’ll work on projects with various datasets, including numerical, text, video, and audio, and will gain experience in gaming, image rocessing, audio processing, and recommendation system projects.

Hands-On Markov Models with Python Ankur Ankan and Abinash Panda ISBN 13: 9781788625449 Packt 178 Pages (September 2018) Book Overview: Unleash the power of unsupervised machine learning in Hidden Markov Models using TensorFlow, pgmpy, and hmmlearn Hidden Markov Model (HMM) is a statistical model based on the Markov chain concept.

Mastering Natural Language Processing with Python (Video) Deepti Chopra, Iti Mathur, Nisheeth Joshi ISBN 13: 9781789618358 Packt Course Length: 1 hour 37 minutes (August 2018 ) Video Overview: Explore various NLP tasks while enhancing your Python skills in real-world scenarios!

Real-World Machine Learning Projects with Scikit-Learn [Video] Nikola Živković ISBN 13: 9781789131222 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 34 minutes (August 2018) Video Overview: Predict heart disease, customer-buying behaviors, and much more in this course filled with real-world projects Scikit-Learn is one of the most powerful Python Libraries with has a clean API, and is robust, fast and easy to use.

Beginning Selenium WebDriver Testing in Python Andy Craze ISBN 13: 9781789138580 Packt Course Length: 1 hour 47 minutes (August 2018) Video Overview: Use Selenium automation, to save you time when testing in Python This course introduces Python users to Selenium WebDriver.

Become a Python Data Analyst Alvaro Fuentes ISBN 13: 9781789531701 Packt 178 Pages (August 2018) Book Overview: Enhance your data analysis and predictive modeling skills using popular Python tools In this book, we will cover Python libraries such as NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, SciPy, and scikit-learn, and apply them in practical data analysis and statistics examples.

In the concluding chapters, you will gain experience in building simple predictive models and carrying out statistical computation and analysis using rich Python tools and proven data analysis techniques.

hands-on guide to deep learning that’s filled with intuitive explanations and engaging practical examples aking an approach that uses the latest developments in the Python ecosystem, you’ll first be guided through the Jupyter ecosystem, key visualization libraries and powerful data sanitization techniques before we train our first predictive model.

Modern Python Standard Library Cookbook Alessandro Molina ISBN 13: 9781788830829 Packt 366 Pages (August 2018) Book Overview: Build optimized applications in Python by smartly implementing the standard library The Python 3 Standard Library is a vast array of modules that you can use for developing various kinds of applications.

Clean Code in Python Mariano Anaya ISBN 13: 9781788835831 Packt 332 Pages (August 2018) Book Overview: Getting the most out of Python to improve your codebase The book begins by describing the basic elements of writing clean code and how it plays an important role in Python programming.

pytest Quick Start Guide Bruno Oliveira ISBN 13: 9781789347562 Packt 160 Pages (August 2018) Book Overview: Learn the pytest way to write simple tests which can also be used to write complex tests Python's standard unittest module is based on the xUnit family of frameworks, which has its origins in Smalltalk and Java, and tends to be verbose to use and not easily extensible.The pytest framework on the other hand is very simple to get started, but powerful enough to cover complex testing integration scenarios, being considered by many the true Pythonic approach to testing in Python.

Mastering Python Networking - Second Edition Eric Chou ISBN 13: 9781789135992 Packt 466 Pages (August 2018) Book Overview: Master the art of using Python for a diverse range of network engineering tasks Networks in your infrastructure set the foundation for how your application can be deployed, maintained, and serviced.

Hands-On Natural Language Processing with Python Rajesh Arumugam, Rajalingappaa Shanmugamani ISBN 13: 9781789139495 Packt 312 Pages (July 2018) Book Overview: Foster your NLP applications with the help of deep learning, NLTK, and TensorFlow Natural language processing (NLP) has found its application in various domains, such as web search, advertisements, and customer services, and with the help of deep learning, we can enhance its performances in these areas.

Hands-On Recommendation Systems with Python Rounak Banik ISBN 13: 9781788993753 Packt 146 Pages (July 2018) Book Overview: With Hands-On Recommendation Systems with Python, learn the tools and techniques required in building various kinds of powerful recommendation systems (collaborative, knowledge and content based) and deploying them to the web This book shows you how to do just that.

You'll use collaborative filters to make use of customer behavior data, and a Hybrid Recommender that incorporates content based and collaborative filtering techniques With this book, all you need to get started with building recommendation systems is a familiarity with Python, and by the time you're fnished, you will have a great grasp of how recommenders work and be in a strong position to apply the techniques that you will learn to your own problem domains.

Python Tips, Tricks and Techniques (Video) Colibri Ltd ISBN 13: 9781789138535 Packt Course Length: 2 hours and 38 minutes (July 2018) Video Overview: From first-class functions to abstract base classes, apply Pythonic tricks to your application and be a Python rockstar This course is will take you from a Python outsider to an insider.

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Python Application Development (Video) Mihai Costea ISBN 13: 9781789139235 Packt Course Length: 3 hours 17 minutes (July 2018) Video Overview: Improve your application development process to build efficient apps with Python The course starts by dealing with performance issues and learning how to tackle them in an application.

Troubleshooting Python Application Development (Video) Rudy Lai ISBN 13: 9781788995337 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 50 minutes (July 2018) Video Overview: Tackle Python performance problems and speed up your apps with parallelism, concurrent execution, and OOP Troubleshooting Python Application Development is your answer.

Hands-on Network Programming with Python {Video} Eric Chou ISBN 13: 9781788994583 Packt XXX Pages OR Course Length: 3 hours 3 minutes (July 2018) Video Overview: The complete guide that will help you create and automate your network with Python The goal of the course is to master key Python concepts as they are applied in the network engineering context.

This course will use Python, an easy-to-learn, popular first-time-programmer language as the foundation to bridge the gap for network engineers facing the automation challenge, this will help network engineers become experts in using Python for networking.

Data Science Essentials Advanced Algorithms and Visualizations (Video) Alberto Boschetti, Luca Massaron ISBN 13: 9781789616057 Packt Course Length: 1 hours 50 minutes (July 2018) Video Overview: Become an efficient data science practitioner by understanding Python's key concepts This course will make you look beyond the fundamentals with beautiful data visualizations with Seaborn and ggplot, web development with Bottle, and even the new frontiers of deep learning with Theano and TensorFlow.

Finally, we take a complete overview of the principal machine learning algorithms, graph analysis techniques, and all the visualization and deployment tools that make it easier to present your results to an audience of both data science experts and business users.

Statistical Methods and Applied Mathematics in Data Science (Video) Cyrille Rossant ISBN 13: 9781789539219 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 38 minutes (July 2018) Video Overview: Use IPython and Jupyter Notebook to sharpen your skills for your data analysis and visualization tasks Machine learning and data analysis are the center of attraction for many engineers and scientists.

Harwani ISBN 13: 9781788831000 Packt 462 Pages (July 2018) Book Overview: Over 60 recipes to help you design interactive, smart, and cross-platform GUI applications PyQt is one of the best cross-platform interface toolkits currently available;

Building Machine Learning Systems with Python - Third Edition Luis Pedro Coelho, Willi Richert, Matthieu Brucher ISBN 13: 9781788623223 Packt 406 Pages (July 2018) Book Overview: Get more from your data by creating practical machine learning systems with Python This book shows you exactly how to find patterns in your raw data.

By the end of this book, you will be able to build machine learning systems using techniques and methodologies such as classification, sentiment analysis, computer vision, reinforcement learning, and neural networks.

Serverless applications are becoming very popular these days, not just because they save developers the trouble of managing the servers, but also because they provide several other benefits such as cutting heavy costs and improving the overall performance of the application.

PySpark Cookbook Denny Lee, Tomasz Drabas ISBN 13: 9781788835367 Packt 330 Pages (June 2018) Book Overview: Combine the power of Apache Spark and Python to build effective big data applications You’ll start by learning the Apache Spark architecture and how to set up a Python environment for Spark.

Mastering Numerical Computing with NumPy Umit Mert Cakmak, Mert Cuhadaroglu ISBN 13: 9781788993357 Packt 248 Pages (June 2018) Book Overview: Enhance the power of NumPy and start boosting your scientific computing capabilities Beginning with NumPy's arrays and functions, you will familiarize yourself with linear algebra concepts to perform vector and matrix math operations.

You will then move on to working on practical examples which will teach you how to use NumPy statistics in order to explore US housing data and develop a predictive model using simple and multiple linear regression techniques.

Learn Python Programming - Second Edition Fabrizio Romano ISBN 13: 9781788996662 Packt 508 Pages (June 2018) Book Overview: Build a solid foundation in coding by utilizing the language and its core characteristics You will begin by exploring the foundations of and fundamental topics on Python and learn to manipulate them.

Hands-On Enterprise Automation with Python Basim Aly ISBN 13: 9781788998512 Packt 398 Pages (June 2018) Book Overview: Invent your own Python scripts to automate your infrastructure We’ll explore examples of network automation tasks using simple Python programs and Ansible.

Mastering Machine Learning for Penetration Testing Chiheb Chebbi ISBN 13: 9781788997409 Packt 276 Pages (June 2018) Book Overview: Become a master at penetration testing using machine learning with Python This book begins with the basics of machine learning and the algorithms used to build robust systems.

Deep Learning Projects with PyTorch (Video) Ashish Singh Bhatia ISBN 13: 9781788997591 Packt Course Length: 3 hours (June 2018) Video Overview: Step into the world of PyTorch to create deep learning models with the help of real-world examples PyTorch is a Deep Learning framework that is a boon for researchers and data scientists.

Computer Vision Projects with Python 3 (Video) Matthew Rever ISBN 13: 9781788835565 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 19 minutes (June 2018) Video Overview: Explore Python’s powerful tools for extracting data from images and videos The Python programming language is an ideal platform for rapidly prototyping and developing production-grade codes for image processing and computer vision with its robust syntax and wealth of powerful libraries.

Learning Python Web Penetration Testing Christian Martorella ISBN 13: 9781789533972 Packt 138 Pages (June 2018) Book Overview: Leverage the simplicity of Python and available libraries to build web security testing tools for your application Learning Python Web Penetration Testing will walk you through the web application penetration testing methodology, showing you how to write your own tools with Python for each activity throughout the process.

You will then learn to interact with a web application using Python, understand the anatomy of an HTTP request, URL, headers and message body, and later create a script to perform a request, and interpret the response and its headers.

Learning Robotics using Python - Second Edition Lentin Joseph ISBN 13: 9781788623315 Packt 280 Pages (June 2018) Book Overview: Design, simulate, and program interactive robots Robot Operating System (ROS) is one of the most popular robotics software frameworks in research and industry.

Das ISBN 13: 9781787122529 Packt 396 Pages (June 2018) Book Overview: Fix everyday testing problems in Python with the help of this solution-based guide Automated testing is the best way to increase efficiency while reducing the defects of software testing.

Python Machine Learning in 7 Days (Video) Arish Ali ISBN 13: 9781788999137 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 22 minutes (June 2018) Video Overview: Build powerful Machine Learning models using Python with hands-on practical examples in just a week.

Hands-On Unsupervised Learning with Python (Video) Stefan Jansen ISBN 13: 9781788992855 Packt Course Length: 3 hours 34 minutes (June 2018) Video Overview: Use Python to apply market basket analysis, PCA and dimensionality reduction, as well as cluster algorithms This course explains the most important Unsupervised Learning algorithms using real-world examples of business applications in Python code.

Learn Python in 3 Hours (Video) Rudy Lai ISBN 13: 9781788995931 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 36 minutes (June 2018) Video Overview: App development, data science, automation, web scraping or computer vision—Make the switch to Python quickly You are a programmer.

Python Deep Learning Solutions (Video) Indra den Bakker ISBN 13: 9781789531602 Packt Course Length: 1 hour 45 minutes (June 2018) Video Overview: Over 20 practical videos on neural network modeling, reinforcement learning, and transfer learning using Python Deep Learning is revolutionizing a wide range of industries.

2018 Python Regular Expressions - Real World Projects (Video) Chandra Lingam ISBN 13: 9781789539523 Packt Course Length: 3 hours 10 minutes (June 2018) Video Overview: Learn cutting-edge pattern matching skills for log mining, big data parsing, cleanup and preparation with Regex Welcome to Python Regular Expressions Course!

Python Machine Learning Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (Video) Valeriy Babushkin ISBN 13: 9781789135817 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 46 minutes (June 2018) Video Overview: Transform your simple machine learning model into a cutting edge powerful version Machine learning allows us to interpret data structures and fit that data into models to identify patterns and make predictions.

By the end of this course, you will know various tips, tricks, and techniques to upgrade your machine learning algorithms to reduce common problems, all the while building efficient machine learning models.

Data Visualization Recipes in Python (Video) Theodore Petrou ISBN 13: 9781789340495 Packt Course Length: 1 hours 43 minutes (MAY 2018) Video Overview: Utilize Python’s most efficient libraries—pandas, matplotlib, and Seaborn—for data visualization and time series analysis Visualization is a critical component in exploratory data analysis, as well as presentations and applications.

It introduces the Matplotlib library, which is responsible for all of the plotting in pandas, at the same time focusing on the pandas plot method and the Seaborn library, which is capable of producing aesthetically pleasing visualizations not directly available in pandas.

Hands-On Data Science with Anaconda Dr. Yuxing Yan, James Yan ISBN 13: 9781788831192 Packt 364 Pages (May 2018) Book Overview: Develop, deploy, and streamline your data science projects with the most popular end-to-end platform, Anaconda Anaconda is an open source platform that brings together the best tools for data science professionals with more than 100 popular packages supporting Python, Scala, and R languages.

You'll dive deep into building simple robotic projects, such as a pet-feeding robot, and more complicated projects, such as machine learning enabled home automation system (Jarvis), vision processing based robots and a self-driven robotic vehicle using Python.

Secret Recipes of the Python Ninja Cody Jackson ISBN 13: 9781788294874 Packt 380 Pages (MAY 2018) Book Overview: Test your Python programming skills by solving real-world problems This book covers the unexplored secrets of Python, delve into its depths, and uncover its mysteries.

Deep learning for NLP using Python (Video) Tyler Edwards ISBN 13: 9781788621700 Packt Course Length: 1 hours 51 minutes (May 2018) Video Overview: Learn how to apply the concepts of deep learning to a diverse range of natural language processing (NLP) techniques In this course, you’ll expand your NLP knowledge and skills while implementing deep learning tools to perform complex tasks.

Modeling and Visualization of Data in Pandas (Video) Prabhat Ranjan ISBN 13: 9781788471312 Packt Course Length: 1 hour 21 minutes (May 2018) Video Overview: Learn how to model and visualize data in Python through Pandas data library This video course will support users as they work through a typical real-world data analysis project step-by-step using Pandas.

Python By Example (Video) Burkhard Meier ISBN 13: 9781788625807 Packt Course Length: 3 hours 20 minutes (May 2018) Video Overview: Practical coding projects to get you up and running with Python in no time This video course explores Python basics, data structures, and algorithms.

Applications of Statistical Learning with Python (Video) Curtis Miller ISBN 13: 9781788295499 Packt Course Length: 1 hours 44 minutes (May 2018) Video Overview: Turn practical hands-on projects such as language processing, computer vision, sentiment analysis, and text processing into useful application in Python to take your skills to another level!

Once you’ve learned to employ specific Python packages and syntax for these tasks, you’ll explore case studies that put forth solid real-world examples on spam filtering and analyzing human emotions through a dictionary of images.

practical introduction to the world of machine learning and image processing using OpenCV and Python This course will cover essential concepts such as classifiers and clustering and will also help you get acquainted with neural networks and Deep Learning to address real-world problems.

Hands-On Test Driven Development with Python (Video) Richard Wells ISBN 13: 9781789138313 Packt Course Length: 2 hours and 18 minutes (May 2018) Video Overview: Apply the practices of Test-Driven Development using the PyTest framework to easily create your unit tests In this video tutorial, you’ll learn about the PyTest testing library and how it’s used to write unit tests in Python.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to apply the practices of Unit Testing and TDD on a daily basis to radically increase the quality of your code and help you and your company achieve your goals faster than ever before.

You will write Python 3.x code to control a vehicle with MQTT messages delivered through encrypted connections (TLS 1.2), and learn how leverage your knowledge of the MQTT protocol to build a solution based on requirements.

Moore ISBN 13: 9781788835886 Packt 452 Pages (May 2018) Book Overview: Find out how to create visually stunning and feature-rich applications by empowering Python's built-in TKinter GUI toolkit Tkinter is a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use graphical toolkit available in the Python Standard Library, widely used to build Python GUIs due to its simplicity and availability.

Python Penetration Testing Essentials - Second Edition Mohit ISBN 13: 9781789138962 Packt 230 Pages (May 2018) Book Overview: This book gives you the skills you need to use Python for penetration testing, with the help of detailed code examples.

We start by exploring the basics of networking with Python and then proceed to network hacking.

By reading this book, you will learn different techniques and methodologies that will familiarize you with Python pentesting techniques, how to protect yourself, and how to create automated programs to find the admin console, SQL injection, and XSS attacks.

Text Processing Using NLTK in Python (Video) Krishna Bhavsar, Naresh Kumar, Pratap Dangeti ISBN 13: 9781789348989 Packt Course Length: 1 hour 24 minutes (April 2018) Video Overview: Learn the tricks and tips that will help you design Text Analytics solutions Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a feature of Artificial Intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages.

Deep Learning with PyTorch (Video) Anand Saha ISBN 13: 9781788475266 Packt Course Length: 4 hours 42 minutes (April 2018) Video Overview: Build useful and effective deep learning models with the PyTorch Deep Learning framework In this course, you will learn how to accomplish useful tasks using Convolutional Neural Networks to process spatial data such as images and using Recurrent Neural Networks to process sequential data such as texts.

Text Mining with Machine Learning and Python {Video} Thomas Dehaene ISBN 13: 9781789137361 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 26 minutes (April 2018) Video Overview: Get high-quality information from your text using Machine Learning with Tensorflow, NLTK, Scikit-Learn, and Python Text is one of the most actively researched and widely spread types of data in the Data Science field today.

Python For Offensive PenTest Hussam Khrais ISBN 13: 9781788838979 Packt 176 Pages (April 2018) Book Overview: Your one-stop guide to using Python, creating your own hacking tools, and making the most out of resources available for this programming language This book is packed with step-by-step instructions and working examples to make you a skilled penetration tester.

Developing NLP Applications Using NLTK in Python (Video) Krishna Bhavsar, Naresh Kumar, Pratap Dangeti ISBN 13: 9781789343335 Packt Course Length: 1 hour and 17 minutes ( April 30, 2018 ) Video Overview: Learn a practical viewpoint to understand and implement NLP solutions involving POS tagging, parsing, and much more This course is designed with advanced solutions that will take you from newbie to pro in performing Natural Language Processing with NLTK.

Matplotlib for Python Developers - Second Edition Aldrin Yim, Claire Chung, Allen Yu ISBN 13: 9781788625173 Packt 300 Pages (April 2018) Book Overview: Leverage the power of Matplotlib to visualize and understand your data more effectively Matplotlib is a popular data visualization package in Python used to design effective plots and graphs.

Lott ISBN 13: 9781788627061 Packt 408 Pages (April 2018) Book Overview: Create succinct and expressive implementations with functional programming in Python Starting with a general overview of functional concepts, you’ll explore common functional features such as first-class and higher-order functions, pure functions, and more.

Machine Learning Solutions Jalaj Thanaki ISBN 13: 9781788390040 Packt 566 Pages (April 2018) Book Overview: Practical, hands-on solutions in Python to overcome any problem in Machine Learning The book includes a wide range of applications: from analytics and NLP, to computer vision domains.

The problem examples we cover include identifying the right algorithm for your dataset and use cases, creating and labeling datasets, getting enough clean data to carry out processing, identifying outliers, overftting datasets, hyperparameter tuning, and more.

In addition, you'll deal with more advanced use cases, such as building a gaming bot, building an extractive summarization tool for medical documents, and you'll also tackle the problems faced while building an ML model.

Apache Spark with Python - Big Data with PySpark and Spark (Video) James Lee et al ISBN 13: 9781789133394 Packt Course Length: 3 hours and 18 minutes (April 2018) Video Overview: Learn Apache Spark and Python by 12+ hands-on examples of analyzing big data with PySpark and Spark This course covers all the fundamentals of Apache Spark with Python and teaches you everything you need to know about developing Spark applications using PySpark, the Python API for Spark.

At the end of this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge about Apache Spark and general big data analysis and manipulations skills to help your company to adopt Apache Spark for building big data processing pipeline and data analytics applications.

Building Serverless Applications with Python Jalem Raj Rohit ISBN 13: 9781787288676 Packt 272 Pages (April 2018) Book Overview: Building efficient Python applications at minimal cost by adopting serverless architectures Serverless architectures allow you to build and run applications and services without having to manage the infrastructure.

Data Visualization Projects in Python (Video) Harish Garg ISBN 13: 9781788830416 Packt Course Length: 1 hour 06 minutes (APRIL 2018) Video Overview: Data Visualization with bqplot, NetworkX, and Bokeh in Python You will start by programming stunning interactive Data Visualizations using bqplot, an open source Python library developed by Bloomberg.

Python for Everyday Life (Video) Claudio Sparpaglione ISBN 13: 9781788621953 Packt Course Length: 14 hours 22 minutes (APRIL 2018) Video Overview: Make your day and master the Python: a powerful and versatile language and ecosystem that can help you save time and money.

The course is structured as an incremental learning path: you will start with a deep-dive into Python software development basics, then move on to write scripts to automate file system operations and file contents processing on your local host, then you will learn how to interact with web-based services such as websites and APIs in order to robotize the cool things that we do everyday - such as tweeting, posting to social networks, reading RSS feeds, etc.

By the end of this course you will have learned how to proficiently write structured Python code in a wide range of applications – from one-liner scripts to complex web applications – aiming at the automation of lots of common everyday life tasks.

Machine Learning with scikit-learn and Tensorflow {Video} Nick Locascio ISBN 13: 9781788629928 Packt Course Length: 3 hours 58 minutes (MARCH 2018) Video Overview: Learn everything you need to know about Machine learning with Tensorflow and Scikit-Learn Machine Learning is one of the most transformative and impactful technologies of our time.

Learn Machine Learning in 3 Hours (Video) Thomas Snell ISBN 13: 9781788995580 Course Length: 2 hours 14 minutes (March 2018) Video Overview: Get hands-on with machine learning using Python Given the constantly increasing amounts of data they're faced with, programmers have to come up with better solutions to make machines smarter and reduce manual work.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Projects with Python Joshua Eckroth ISBN 13: 9781788832403 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 02 minutes (March 2018) Video Overview: Enter and explore the fascinating world of intelligent applications with Artificial Intelligence using the Python programming language Considered the Holy Grail of automation, data analysis, and robotics, Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm as a major field of research and development.

OpenCV 3 Computer Vision with Python Cookbook Alexey Spizhevoy, Aleksandr Rybnikov ISBN 13: 9781788474443 Packt 306 Pages (March 2018) Book Overview: Recipe-based approach to tackle the most common problems in Computer Vision by leveraging the functionality of OpenCV using Python APIs In this book, you will learn how to process an image by manipulating pixels and analyze an image using histograms.

Learning Concurrency in Python (Video) Elliot Forbes ISBN 13: 9781789134346 Packt Course Length: 3 hours and 35 minutes (March 2018) Video Overview: More than 20 videos to help you master concurrency in Python This course introduces some of the most popular libraries and frameworks and goes in-depth into how you can leverage these libraries for your own high-concurrent, highly-performant Python programs.

Hands-On Machine Learning with Python and Scikit-Learn (Video) Taylor Smith ISBN 13: 9781788991056 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 39 minutes (March 2018) Video Overview: Understand and implement the best Machine Learning practices with the help of powerful features of Python and scikit-learn This course will help you discover the magical black box that is Machine Learning by teaching a practical approach to modeling using Python along with the Scikit-Learn library.

Machine Learning with Scikit-learn (Video) Gavin Hackeling ISBN 13: 9781789134780 Packt Course Length: 3 hours 21 minutes (February 2018) Book OR Video Overview: Learn to implement and evaluate machine learning solutions with scikit-learn Machine learning is the buzzword bringing computer science and statistics together to build smart and efficient models.

This course examines a variety of machine learning models including popular machine learning algorithms such as k-nearest neighbors, logistic regression, naive Bayes, k-means, decision trees, and artificial neural networks.

Data Visualization in Python by Examples (Video) Harish Kumar Garg ISBN 13: 9781788838658 Packt Course Length: 1 hours 17 minutes (February 2018) Video Overview: Data visualization with matplotlib, ggplot, and seaborn in Python Data visualization is just a wise investment in your future big-data needs.

Python Web Scraping Cookbook Michael Heydt ISBN 13: 9781787285217 Packt 364 Pages (February 2018) Book Overview: Untangle your web scraping complexities and access web data with ease using Python scripts Right from extracting data from the websites to writing a sophisticated web crawler, the book's independent recipes will be a godsend on the job.

Working with Big Data in Python (Video) Alex Rutherford ISBN 13: 9781788839068 Course Length: 2 hours 41 minutes (February 2018) Video Overview: Gain valuable insights from your data by streamlining unstructured data pipelines with Python, Spark, and MongoDB This course is a comprehensive, practical guide to using MongoDB and Spark in Python, learning how to store and make sense of huge data sets, and performing basic machine learning tasks to make predictions.

MongoDB is one of the most powerful non-relational database systems available offering robust scalability and expressive operations that, when combined with Python data analysis libraries and distributed computing, represent a valuable set of tools for the modern data scientist.

Learning PySpark (Video) Tomasz Drabas ISBN 13: 9781788396592 Course Length: 2 hours 29 minutes (February 2018) Video Overview: Building and deploying data-intensive applications at scale using Python and Apache Spark You'll learn about different techniques for collecting data, and distinguish between (and understand) techniques for processing data.

Concurrent Programming in Python (Video) BignumWorks Software LLP ISBN 13: 9781788998031 Course Length: 2 hours 20 minutes (February 2018) Video Overview: Harness the power of modern code structures with Python to improve performance and flexibility Filled with examples, this course will show you all you need to know to start using concurrency in Python.

Concurrent Programming in Python (Video) BignumWorks Software LLP ISBN 13: 9781788998031 Course Length: 2 hours 20 minutes (February 2018) Video Overview: Harness the power of modern code structures with Python to improve performance and flexibility Filled with examples, this course will show you all you need to know to start using concurrency in Python.

Deep Learning with PyTorch Vishnu Subramanian ISBN 13: 9781788624336 Packt 262 Pages (February 2018) Book Overview: Build neural network models in text, vision and advanced analytics using PyTorch This book will get you up and running with one of the most cutting-edge deep learning libraries—PyTorch.

Python Network Programming (Video) Eric Chou ISBN 13: 9781788479387 Course Length: 2 hours and 3 minutes (February 2018) Video Overview: Accomplish Network Engineering Tasks with Python You will learn to create exciting Python apps to automate daily networking tasks such as configuring devices, collecting information about the network, testing by client simulations, or network discovery.

Python Programming Blueprints Daniel Furtado, Marcus Pennington ISBN 13: 9781786468161 Packt 456 Pages (February 2018) Book Overview: How to build useful, real-world applications in the Python programming language In this book, we will cover some of the most common tasks that Python developers face on a daily basis, including performance optimization and making web applications more secure.

Building Advanced OpenCV3 Projects with Python (Video) Riaz Munshi ISBN 13: 9781788394291 Packt Course Length: 3 hours 30 minutes (January 2018) Video Overview: Discover how to build advanced OpenCV3 projects with Python This course features some trending applications of vision and deep learning and will help you master these techniques.

You will learn how to retrieve structure from motion (sfm) and you will also see how we can build an application to capture 2D images and join them dynamically to achieve street views by capturing camera projection angles and relative image positions.

You'll learn about various architectures and develop the skills to detect lanes, and segment and track vehicles in traffic.You will be using Carla, which is a open driving simulator by Intel, for your project to train a car learn how to drive itself using an end-to-end model.

Deep Learning Essentials Wei Di, Anurag Bhardwaj, Jianing Wei ISBN 13: 9781785880360 Packt 284 Pages (Jan 2018) Book Overview: Get to grips with the essentials of deep learning by leveraging the power of Python This book will help you take your first steps in training efficient deep learning models and applying them in various practical scenarios.

Training Your Systems with Python Statistical Modeling (Video) Curtis Miller ISBN 13: 9781788293402 Packt Course Length: 4 hours 5 minutes (Jan 2018) Video Overview: Learn statistical analysis by using various machine learning models You’ll start by diving into classical statistical analysis, where you will learn to compute descriptive statistics with Pandas.

one-stop solution to quickly program fast Machine Learning algorithms with NumPy and scikit-learn This course begins by taking you through videos on evaluating the statistical properties of data and generating synthetic data for machine learning modeling.

The first part of the book covers programming techniques: code quality and reproducibility, code optimization, high-performance computing through just-in-time compilation, parallel computing, and graphics card programming.

Ensemble Machine Learning Ankit Dixit ISBN 13: 9781788297752 Packt 438 Pages (December 2017) Book Overview: An effective guide to using ensemble techniques to enhance machine learning models This book covers different machine learning algorithms that are widely used in the practical world to make predictions and classifications.

As machine learning touches almost every field of the digital world, you’ll see how these algorithms can be used in different applications such as computer vision, speech recognition, making recommendations, grouping and document classification, fitting regression on data, and more.

Connect the Dots: Factor Analysis (Video) Loonycorn ISBN 13: 9781788997522 Packt Course Length: 1 hour 43 minutes (December 2017) Video Overview: Factor extraction using PCA in Excel, R and Python Factor analysis helps to cut through the clutter when you have a lot of correlated variables to explain a single effect.

Connect the Dots: Linear and Logistic Regression (Video) Loonycorn ISBN 13: 9781788991957 Packt Course Length: 4 hours 45 minutes (December 2017) Video Overview: Build robust models in Excel, R and Python This course will teach you how to build robust linear models and do logistic regression in Excel, R and Python.

Advanced Statistics for Machine Learning (Video) Pratap Dangeti ISBN 13: 9781788994989 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 10 minutes (December 2017) Video Overview: Building various machine learning models using Python and R This video will teach you all it takes to perform the complex statistical computations required for Machine Learning.

Natural Language Processing with Python (Video) Tyler Edwards ISBN 13: 9781787286085 Packt Course Length: 1 hour 47 minutes (December 2017) Video Overview: Learn and master the NLTK library in Python to create your own NLP apps You will start off by preparing text for Natural Language Processing by cleaning and simplifying it.

Python: Advanced Predictive Analytics Ashish Kumar, Joseph Babcock ISBN 13: 9781788992367 Packt 660 Pages (December 2017) Book Overview: Gain practical insights by exploiting data in your business to build advanced predictive modeling applications This book is your guide to getting started with predictive analytics using Python.

Practical Time Series Analysis (Video) Dr. Avishek Pal, Dr. PKS Prakash ISBN 13: 9781788995719 Packt Course Length: 2 hours 25 minutes (December 2017) Video Overview: Step-by-step guide filled with real-world practical examples The video starts with a descriptive analysis to create insightful visualizations of internal structures such as trend, seasonality, and autocorrelation.

Felipe Martins, Ruben Oliva Ramos, V Kishore Ayyadevara ISBN 13: 9781788291460 Packt 386 Pages (December 2017) Book Overview: Tackle the most sophisticated problems associated with scientific computing and data manipulation using SciPy This book includes hands-on recipes for using the different components of the SciPy Stack such as NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, and pandas, among others.

Advanced Techniques for Exploring Data Sets with Pandas (Video) Harish Garg ISBN 13: 9781788397599 Packt Course Length: 1 hours 45 minutes (July 2017) Video Overview: Explore popular datasets in R, while mastering advanced techniques used for them In this course, you will learn how to start using pandas from end-to-end: from getting your data into pandas;

scikit-learn : Machine Learning Simplified Raúl Garreta, Guillermo Moncecchi, Trent Hauck, Gavin Hackeling ISBN 13: 9781788833479 Packt 530 Pages (November 2017) Book Overview: Implement scikit-learn into every step of the data science pipeline The course combines an introduction to some of the main concepts and methods in machine learning with practical, hands-on examples of real-world problems.

Natural Language Processing with Python Cookbook Krishna Bhavsar, Naresh Kumar, Pratap Dangeti ISBN 13: 9781787289321 Packt 294 Pages (November 2017) Book Overview: Learn the tricks and tips that will help you design Text Analytics solutions This book includes unique recipes that will teach you various aspects of performing Natural Language Processing with NLTK—the leading Python platform for the task.

Advanced Predictive Techniques with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow (Video) Alvaro Fuentes ISBN 13: 9781788295321 Packt Course Length: 3 hours 44 minutes (November 2017) Video Overview: Improve the performance predictive models, build more complex models and use techniques to improve quality of your predictive models.

When using Predictive Analytics to solve actual problems, besides models and algorithms there are many other practical considerations that must be considered like which features should you use, how many features are enough, should you create new features, how to combine features to give the same underlying information, which hyper-parameters should you use?

Cryptography with Python (Video) Sam Bowne ISBN 13: 9781788397179 Packt Course Length: 1 hours 30 minutes (November 2017) Video Overview: Encrypt, evaluate, compare, and attack your data Cryptography is essential to protect sensitive information, but it is often performed inadequately or incorrectly.

Matplotlib for Python Developers (Video) Benjamin Keller ISBN 13: 9781787281998 Packt Publishing Course Length: 2 hours 56 minutes (October 2017) Video Overview: Understand the basic fundamentals of plotting and data visualization using Matplotlib In this course, you hit the ground running and quickly learn how to make beautiful, illuminating figures with Matplotlib and a handful of other Python tools.

Python GUI Programming Recipes using PyQt5 (Video) Burkhard Meier ISBN 13: 9781788471268 Packt Publishing Course Length: 4 hours 09 minutes (October 2017) Video Overview: Learn to design a UI with help of PyQT5 In this video, you will successfully install PyQt5 and the toolset that contains the QT Designer tool.

After a brief overview of the basics—such as data structures and various data manipulation tasks such as grouping, merging, and reshaping data—this video also teaches you how to manipulate, analyse, and visualize your time-series financial data.

This video not only teaches you why Pandas is a great tool for solving real-world problems in quantitative finance, it also takes you meticulously through every step of the way, with practical, real-world examples, especially from the financial domain where Pandas is a popular choice.

Python 3.x for Computer Vision (Video) Saurabh Kapur ISBN 13: 9781788838207 Packt Publishing Course Length: 1 hour 29 minutes (September 2017) Video Overview: Unleash the power of computer vision with Python to carry out image processing and computer vision techniques.

Book Overview: Unlock modern machine learning and deep learning techniques with Python by using the latest cutting-edge open source Python libraries Understand and work at the cutting edge of machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning with this second edition of Sebastian Raschka’s bestselling book, Python Machine Learning.

Thoroughly updated using the latest Python open source libraries, this book offers the practical knowledge and techniques you need to create and contribute to machine learning, deep learning, and modern data analysis.

Making Predictions with Data and Python (Video) Alvaro Fuentes ISBN 13: 9781788297448 Packt Publishing Course Length: 4 hours 10 minutes (August 2017) Video Overview: Build Awesome Predictive Models with Python This course introduces the main concepts, techniques, and best practices for doing Predictive Analytics with Python.

Faruque Sarker ISBN 13: 9781786463999 Packt Publishing 450 pages (August 2017) Book Overview: Discover practical solutions for a wide range of real-world network programming tasks Python Network Programming Cookbook - Second Edition highlights the major aspects of network programming in Python, starting from writing simple networking clients to developing and deploying complex Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) systems.

Functional Programming in Python (Video) Sebastiaan Mathôt ISBN 13: 9781788292450 Packt Publishing Course Length: 2 hours and 34 minutes (July 2017) Video Overview: In this video course, you will learn what functional programming is, and how it differs from other programming styles, such as procedural and object-oriented programming.

Mastering Machine Learning with scikit-learn - Second Edition Gavin Hackeling ISBN 13: 9781788299879 Packt Publishing 254 pages (July 2017) Book Overview: This book examines a variety of machine learning models including popular machine learning algorithms such as k-nearest neighbors, logistic regression, naive Bayes, k-means, decision trees, and artificial neural networks.

Python Natural Language Processing Jalaj Thanaki ISBN 13: 9781787121423 Packt Publishing 486 pages (July 2017) Book Overview: This book starts off by laying the foundation for Natural Language Processing and why Python is one of the best options to build an NLP-based expert system with advantages such as Community support, availability of frameworks and so on.

Python Social Media Analytics Siddhartha Chatterjee, Michal Krystyanczuk ISBN 13: 9781787121485 Packt Publishing 312 pages (July 2017) Book Overview: Right from acquiring data from various social networking sources such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and social forums, you will see how to clean data and make it ready for analytical operations using various Python APIs.

Practical Data Science Cookbook - Second Edition Prabhanjan Tattar, Tony Ojeda, Sean Patrick Murphy, Benjamin Bengfort, Abhijit Dasgupta ISBN 13: 9781787129627 Packt Publishing 434 pages (June 2017) Book Overview: Starting with the basics, this book covers how to set up your numerical programming environment, introduces you to the data science pipeline, and guides you through several data projects in a step-by-step format.

Then deal with critical parts of Python, explaining concepts such as time value of money stock and bond evaluations, capital asset pricing model, multi-factor models, time series analysis, portfolio theory, options and futures.

Python Web Scraping - Second Edition Katharine Jarmul, Richard Lawson ISBN 13: 9781786462589 Packt Publishing 220 pages (May 2017) Book Overview: This book is the ultimate guide to using the latest features of Python 3.x to scrape data from websites.