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Best Online Master’s in Computer Science Degrees

In addition, one of these high-profile degrees will enable you to obtain a better job in technology research and development or even within a government agency.  If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry –

A computer science degree is a smart investment, and once you figure out what kind of degree is best suited for your needs, goals, and learning style, you’ll be on the right track toward career success.

something that a master’s degree can help you to obtain.  You will want to look for a computer science program that allows you to specialize in one or more different areas of technology, like software development, network security, or even artificial intelligence.

Add in the stress of relocation, paying for school, and juggling classes around an already-packed work schedule, and you may wonder whether a college degree is worth it at all.  That’s where online learning comes into play.

As more companies seek to bolster cybersecurity in the information systems used by government and business, professionals with the requisite skills needed to monitor and design these systems are needed.

More managers also seek to expand their physical operations to digital platforms, meaning computer science professionals will be needed to help make this transition possible.  The result?

That’s well over the national average for all occupations, and it’s just one more excellent reason as to why you should consider pursuing a master’s degree in computer science.  The specific requirements for earning a degree in computer science will vary depending on the school you choose.

Any experience in computers that you might have will benefit you in a graduate program.  There are some programs that admit new students with minimal experience in computers, but most like to see some proficiency in math, programming, and operating systems.

It’s not easy trying to find the perfect master’s degree in computer science, especially if you’re already trying to manage a busy lifestyle filled with personal and professional commitments.

30 Most Affordable Top Online Master’s Degrees in Human Resources 2020 

The business world can sometimes seem like an impenetrable fortress of suits, productivity charts, and networking mixers.

They understand that what makes a company great is not just how much a company profits or grows but the people who make this growth possible.

The degrees listed can be completed fully or partially online to allow students flexibility and convenience.

The following list includes some of the most affordable online programs available, without sacrificing quality in the HR education they provide.

The demand for HR specialists is growing at a projected rate of 7%, which is about as fast as the average across all industries.

The staff of Grad School Hub has compiled the following 30 Most Affordable Top Online Master's Degrees in Human Resources for the 2019-20 academic school year based on public data released from educational, commercial, and government databases.

Data is contributed from sources such as the National Center for Education Statistics, and the U.S. Department of Labor plays a significant role in how graduate degree programs are ranked because institutional transparency is essential for deciding which career path is right for you.

The MS curriculum includes nine required courses that build a foundation in best business practices and sparkling people skills.

FIT was founded in 1958 as an engineering college, and most of its students are enrolled in engineering programs to this day.

But the private research university's innovative spirit extends to academic programs from aeronautics to psychology, and research projects in areas from hydrogen to small businesses.

It is also designed to be completed entirely online, which allows HR professionals to continue learning in their workplace as well as in the virtual classroom.

Students study with Penn State's liberal arts faculty and receive the same quality education as residential students.

Because it is a professionally-oriented program, entering students are expected to have a strong working knowledge of the HR field.

The program's course material delves into the details of HR workplace challenges, including complex benefit plans, nuanced employee rights, and contemporary labor laws.

Penn State's rich history of distance education dates back to 1892 when the school began offering a correspondence course to farmers across Pennsylvania.

The state research university established its online World Campus in 1998 to transcend geographical and situational boundaries to learning.

The degree program considers technological advancements, the multigenerational workforce, and the contemporary economic landscape.

It is designed to prepare HR managers to strategize, create solutions, and make data-driven decisions in their organizations.

Students can complete the degree in as few as 15 months while taking two courses per ten-week term.

SNHU was established in 1932 as a for-profit business school, its finances and students dwindled after the recession of the early 2000s.

For their culminating capstone experience, students can pass an approved certification exam, pass the departmental written comprehensive exam or complete an experiential learning project.

In other words, the university's MS in Human Resource Development program is recognized for preparing graduates for human resources certification exams.

Golden Gate University's Master of Science in Human Resource Management program can be completed entirely online or in a blended format of online and on-campus learning.

The degree program engages students with HR professionals through expert-led coursework and networking activities.

The private university evolved from literary reading groups of the San Francisco Central YMCA and was officially established in 1901.

Since human resources address professional people and payroll, students may choose to pursue an HR degree from the specialized New England College of Business and Finance.

The degree program is designed to be completed entirely online, and it is suitable for students seeking entry into the HR realm, as well as for working HR professionals seeking advancement.

Students synthesize what they learn in a culminating capstone course, which involves developing a strategic plan for human resources management challenges.

NECB is specifically geared toward students seeking online education in business, finance, and related fields.

The college's Master of Human Resource Management follows the Society for Human Resource Management's competency model in order to prepare graduates for relevant certification exams.

The program aims to enhance graduates' strategic leadership skills and their understanding of complex employee benefit plans, changing labor laws, and beyond.

Though it is no longer affiliated with the YMCA, the university continues to pay special attention to the needs of working adults.

It has a generous transfer credit policy, and the majority of its students are enrolled in a fully online capacity.

It operates more than 25 learning centers throughout the Midwestern United States and maintains international partnerships with universities across the globe.

Franklin also offers a coaching program that allows students to receive monthly mentorship from industry professionals.

Offered fully online, the degree program explores workplace concerns such as benefits, ethics, labor relations, recruitment, safety, and technology.

It blends theory and practice to equip students with relevant skills grounded in a deep understanding of human resources.

NU was founded in 1971 by a retired U.S. Navy lieutenant who wanted to meet working adults' needs through a non-traditional university.

He fulfilled this mission: The private, non-profit university continues to educate students who have various responsibilities outside of the classroom.

It operates a headquarters in La Jolla, CA, and campuses throughout California, one campus in Nevada, and an online campus that serves students near and far.

Online courses incorporate live classrooms, interactive multimedia tools, and video streaming.

The research-based, 33-credit curriculum prioritizes real-world application in students' places of work.

Students have the option to engage in a management internship for elective credit and/or to pursue an additional Advanced Business Certificate in HR Management.

The program's capstone course involves a real-world business case study and analysis project.

Students are expected to complete the program in 20 months on a part-time basis while focusing on one course at a time.

Founded in 1881 as an agricultural school, UConn has evolved into a prominent flagship public research university.

In fact, the university's strong quality of education has placed it among the nation's 'Public Ivies,' meaning it is considered comparable to private Ivy League universities.

The degree program can be completed entirely online, and it welcomes HR newbies and seasoned professionals alike.

It is designed to sharpen students' skills in communication, consulting, data analysis, leadership, and partnerships.

The program's online classroom makes use of a state-of-the-art visual simulator that helps students visualize workplace challenges.

The university serves working adults in particular: The average student age is 39.

The intensive, accelerated degree program can be completed on the university's campus or entirely online.

The curriculum focuses on qualitative HR issues, such as communication with stakeholders, data analysis, global and ethical leadership, and legal aspects of HR.

The degree program considers the big picture, addressing how a whole organization is built by its people.

Online students can expect to participate in interactive discussions, explore case study simulations, and use headsets and/or webcams to engage in sessions.

The university is particularly noted for its pioneering research in the health sciences, including the first self-contained artificial heart transplant, successful hand transplant, and public ambulance.

The program is delivered entirely online, with asynchronous classes to allow working students to access course material on their own schedules.

Students who take one course at a time can complete the program within two years, and full-time students can complete it within one year.

The university was established in 1871 as a teacher-training school, and it later transformed into a liberal arts college and then a comprehensive public university.

The program is designed for professional leaders seeking advancement, including those already working in HR and those interested in the field.

The rigorous curriculum consists of 11 courses, for a total of 33 semester credit hours.

It culminates in an Applied Human Resources capstone course, which involves exploring case studies and writing case analyses.

In recent years, the university was ranked among the nation's healthiest colleges by the website Greatist and among the friendliest by The Huffington Post.

The program combines theory and practice in its study of the strategic role HR professionals play in organizational success.

Students can choose from electives in HR and in areas such as computer science, entrepreneurship, health administration, and marketing.

It is still frequently recognized as a military-friendly school, and it operates campuses on multiple U.S. military bases.

Though it is based in Irvine, CA, Brandman operates numerous campuses throughout California and Washington, as well as an online campus for students across the nation.

The curriculum culminates in a capstone seminar, in which students develop a major case study of HR challenges within their own place of work.

The university offers four graduate degree programs, including an MBA program and MA programs in Counseling, Education, and Human Resources.

It is offered in a cohort format, with each student moving through one course at a time with a close group of peers.

The private, non-profit university has open-access admissions for working adults and military personnel.

The university maintains partnerships with community colleges across the nation to help students smoothly transfer associate's degree credits.

The degree program prepares graduates to administer community service organizations that address social issues such as child welfare and mental health.

The curriculum explores strategies for board development, community needs assessment, grants, leadership and management, and program planning and evaluation.

Students can expect to apply what they learn to community service work and an internship within their community.

The university began offering distance-learning programs to military personnel during the Vietnam War, and it remains a leader in military education.

The curriculum consists of 12 required courses, for a total of 36 semester credit hours.

It incorporates adult education, applied research, diversity and ethics, and leadership strategy.

It was established in 1889 as an agricultural college and was an all-white male military school until 1955.

The online degree program focuses on managerial skills in areas such as global HR, human capital, and talent development.

The Global Campus specializes in educating students who cannot engage in traditional campus settings, such as adult professionals.

Students enrolled in the program can receive discounts on an SHRM membership, the SHRM certification exam, and exam study materials.

Applicants should have a minimum of five years of full-time work experience, including three years in human resources.

Designed for working professionals, the degree program can be completed on campus in the evenings, entirely online, or in a blended format.

The professional degree program is designed for working HR professionals as well as those interested in entering the field.

It has since evolved into a comprehensive public university recognized for its innovation in non-traditional, online, and military education.

The university houses the public Confucius Institute, which is affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education and offers education in Chinese culture and language to the people of Alabama.

19 most innovative school in the South and in the top 100 schools nationally for best online graduate business programs.

The degree program can be completed entirely online, allowing students to continue working full-time.

The curriculum has five focus areas: business management, change management, core HR processes, personal influence, and strategic decision-making.

In 1964, the University of Houston began offering engineering, math, and physics courses to employees at the NASA center, which led to the 1971 establishment of UHCL.

The degree program features a competency-based model, and it requires 34 credit hours of study.

The online learning experience includes online chats, discussion groups, video presentations, and electronic reading materials.

The university is also an SHRM Certified Preferred provider, which allows students to apply education credits toward recertification on an ongoing basis.

Designed for adult learners, the degree program can be completed while students are also committed to full-time work and other responsibilities.

The program takes an evidence-based approach to human resources, using case studies to prepare students for real-world applications.

Now a standalone institution, Trident offers degrees from the associate's to doctoral level in the fields of business, education, health sciences, and information systems.

The majority of Trident students are military personnel, including active service members and veterans.

Students have the opportunity to engage in a global learning experience through an international spring break trip.

Students can complete the degree in 12 months by taking two courses at a time or in 24 months by taking one course at a time.

While it is a non-thesis program, the MS in HRD incorporates research projects that prepare graduates to pursue doctoral study.

The online degree program is designed for busy working professionals seeking entry or advancement in the HR field.

Courses are developed based on competencies identified by a variety of human resource and talent development organizations.

WCU began in 1889 as Cullowhee High School to serve young students in the western mountains of North Carolina and to train teachers for the region.

The program curriculum covers areas of HR such as candidate recruitment, compensation and benefits, employee training, and labor relations.

In addition to its traditional agriculture programs, the university now offers programs in data mining, education, medical technology, music, and beyond.

Computer Science Programs in Texas

Texas students live in some of the most dynamic cities in the nation and enjoy access to diverse companies with which to intern, network, and find employment.

Although attending a computer science college in Texas does not guarantee a job after graduation, students enjoy the advantage of internship and networking opportunities, which improve marketability whether pursuing positions in Texas or outside the state.

Increased access to technology courses at every level has led to more prospective students, so admission to computer science programs in Texas is competitive, especially at the graduate level.

These organizations further computer science as a discipline and provide members with networking, continuing education, and professional development opportunities.

Computer Science Degree Programs

Computer science degrees can be found at every educational level from associate degrees to PhDs.

Whether pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree, some programs may offer the ability to specialize in subjects like electrical or computer engineering, cyber security or web development.

In a field that is constantly evolving, getting the right education can help computer science students and professionals stay ahead of the curve.

When comparing various degree programs, it’s important to consider your career goals and pick the program best suited to achieving them.

Course offerings for associate degree programs are geared toward giving students the tools they need to gain entry-level positions in the industry.

Having a career goal in mind can help students chose the right courses, specializations and internship or research opportunities during the course of their education.

Computer Science PhD

Online options for computer science doctorates continue to grow.

This degree prepares students for work as forensic scientists through intense study in biology,

science work as crime investigators and evidence analysts, collecting DNA and other evidence for

scientific laboratory technician Students focus on the chemistry of living things, ecosystems, biomolecules, immunology, genetics, and

specific area, such as diseases, nutrition, agriculture, clinical pathology, or cardiac biochemistry.

manager/scientist, protein biochemist, professor Professionals in this area of science study, analyze, and build experiments at the atomic and

further academic research and product development in medicine, cancer treatment, heat generation,

development manager, security architect, computer network architect, information technology manager,

salary information for those the five highest-paying positions in the computer science field.

like computer science, where individual program accreditation often proves as important as school-wide

Know which area you plan to study, and find out which schools demonstrate strong potential

sure-thing schools, which you are fairly certain would accept you and provide a solid education.

Professional organizations function as important tools for building connections, gaining access to

organizations incur annual dues in return for access to online resources including job boards, email

their colleagues, find like-minded individuals in the field, and seek prospective employees or

receive access to online resources, publications, and career development resources.

association's website contains over 2 million pages of related research materials, bibliographic

four divisions: catalyst, women, education, and evaluation, each of which connects members with

online resources including job boards, email lists, discussion boards, and a digital library.

world's largest computer science membership organization, IEEE sponsors over 200 technical

Members receive access to online discussion communities, job boards, career development

extension job search technology, updated information sections on electrical standards and codes, and

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