AI News, NASA Touches Down In Moses Lake

NASA Touches Down In Moses Lake

Advertisement NASA may not return to the moon for another 10 years, but that's not stopping the U.S. space agency from conducting lunar expeditions.

In June, research teams from seven NASA centers gathered at Moses Lake, in central Washington state, to test prototypes for new moon-worthy robots, vehicles, and spacesuits.

The field test also offered a ”much broader area to stretch your legs,” says Bill Bluethmann, a robotics engineer at NASA's Johnson Space Center, in Houston, who served as the expedition's leader.

Under such a compressed schedule, he says, the team became experts at ”5-minute design reviews.” Also on hand was a four-wheeled lunar prospecting robot called Scarab, which can operate in daylight as well as at night.

The Google Lunar X Prize, meanwhile, is offering US $30 million to whomever can land a robot on the moon, drive 500 meters, and beam data and images back to Earth;

”We're going to practice on the moon, develop the technology, learn firm lessons about how humans and machines operate on a remote surface, and then apply them to Mars,” says Bluethmann.

NASA - NASA Tests Lunar Robots and Spacesuits on Earthly Moonscape

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