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What is Artificial Intelligence (or Machine Learning)?

Want to learn more about AI and machine learning? Take this free HubSpot Academy course: What is AI? What is machine learning and ..

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence Webcast - Presented by Monash Tech Talks

Monash Information Technology presents a Monash Tech Talks webcast – Harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has the ability to transform every aspect of ...

The Future of Farming

Technology is revolutionizing farming. That's great news—by the year 2050 Earth's population will be 10 billion, so we need to almost double the amount of food ...

How Machines Learn

How do all the algorithms around us learn to do their jobs? **OMG PLUSHIE BOTS!

Bringing AI and machine learning innovations to healthcare (Google I/O '18)

Could machine learning give new insights into diseases, widen access to healthcare, and even lead to new scientific discoveries? Already we can see how ...

Ethics of AI

Detecting people, optimising logistics, providing translations, composing art: artificial intelligence (AI) systems are not only changing what and how we are doing ...

Humans Need Not Apply

Support Grey making videos: ## Robots, Etc: Terex Port automation: ..

The Threat of AI Weapons

Will artificial intelligence weapons cause World War III? This animated clip is from my friends at ..

António Guterres (United Nations Secretary-General) - Priorities for 2019

Opening Remarks by António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General at the Seventy-third session Informal Briefing by the Secretary-General on his ...

Nationalism vs. globalism: the new political divide | Yuval Noah Harari

How do we make sense of today's political divisions? In a wide-ranging conversation full of insight, historian Yuval Harari places our current turmoil in a broader ...