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Corporate Executioners

Walmart (WMT), the largest private employer in the U.S., is making a big push to recruit high school students by offering them free standardized test prep, flexible work schedules, and debt-free college.

But with student loan debt sitting at$1.5 trillionandfewer teens projected to enter the workforce, Walmart is trying to make itself a more attractive option for young workers.

In addition to earning $1 a day college, the program also offers discounts on master’s degrees, and the ability to finish high school for associates and eligible relatives.

The Walmart Academy, the retail giant’sin-house career training program, has provided the company with a template that “helps build confidence and helps to start to shape and form individual’s work ethic, as well as knowledge of the business world and how they can navigate through the business world,“

Walmart now covers 14 technology degrees and certificates under its $1-a-day for college program, including cybersecurity, information technology, web applications development, to name a few.

The program already offered bachelor’s degrees in business management and leadership, business administration, and business management (supply chain, transportation, and logistics management).

The free academies, located in the back of about 200 stores, teach associates customer service techniques, retail math, and how to use new technology, among other skills.

The Unabashed Autist

was Sandor Clegane, confronting what remained of the man who failed me as a brother.  Blow after blow of hate-fueled rage, honed over a lifetime, against a mountain of evil.  My only remaining purpose to remove this towering hunk of rotting flesh from the world.  Convinced it’s all I ever wanted, I succeed and we both burn.  Victory is mine.

When the episode ended, I couldn’t move.  I just sat there, stunned.  (Then I laughed at myself for confusing SD winter with a cessation of hot flashes.  Probably where most of the sweating came from.)  I had to sleep on it, then think about it for a while before I could process what happened.  I’m sure I’ll continue long after the series ends.

I’ve learned a great deal about human nature watching the series.  We’re all in the story in some aspect or form.  It has been fascinating to slowly gain enough information about each character until I could understand them well enough to see the world through their eyes (to a point.) The emotional rollercoaster of triggers and disturbing scenes were a small price to pay for the many gifts of wisdom.  We tend to behave in accordance with our perception of the world.  Therein lies the value in understanding others’