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The future of artificial intelligence in health care

From patient self-service to chat bots, computer-aided detection (CAD) systems for diagnosis, and image data analysis to identify candidate molecules in drug discovery, AI is already at work increasing convenience and efficiency, reducing costs and errors, and generally making it easier for more patients to receive the health care they need.

Artificial Intelligence | RahmatLaw | 16 December 2019

What is meant of Artificial Intelligence? Is it a coding language? What is the history of Artificial lntelligence? Is artificial intelligence a name of machine? What are ...

How to perfrom Wodu? | Akham SOS - Acts of Wodu

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ஜெரூஸலம் பலஸ்தீனுக்கே சொந்தம் சவூதி மன்னர் சல்மான் அறிவிப்பு Jerusalem Belongs to Palestine

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Saudi royals label Trump ‘irresponsible’ and blast US for 'violating peace process'

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