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How the Artificial-Intelligence Program AlphaZero Mastered Its Games

When the AlphaGo Zero and AlphaZero papers were published, a small army of enthusiasts began describing the systems in blog posts and YouTube videos and building their own copycat versions.

The DeepMind papers, after all, had merely described the greatest Go- and chess-playing programs in the world—they hadn’t contained the source code, and the company hadn’t made the programs themselves available to players.

LeelaZero is a federated system: anyone who wants to participate can download the latest version, donate whatever computing power he has to it, and upload the data he generates so that the system can be slightly improved.

distributing the training for a neural network was a natural next step.) There were kinks to sort out, and educated guesses to make about details that the DeepMind team had left out of their papers, but within a few months the neural network began improving.

commentators and grandmasters pored over the handful of AlphaZero games that DeepMind had released with their paper, declaring that this was “how chess ought to be played,” that the engine “plays like a human on fire.” Quickly, Lc0, as Leela Chess Zero became known, attracted hundreds of volunteers.

the tools already exist for distributing computation among a set of volunteers, and chipmakers such as Nvidia have put cheap and powerful G.P.U.s—graphics-processing chips, which are perfect for training neural networks—into the hands of millions of ordinary computer users.

Our top 10 most read articles in 2018

major financial crime report uncovers the real impact on business, people and society, as well as overwhelming support for the use of intelligence sharing to fight financial crime. Published May 30, 2018 As cognitive computing continues to make great strides, we explored how compliance professionals could harness the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to help solve the regulatory challenges they encounter on a daily basis. Published February 14, 2018 Corporate treasurers play an increasingly critical role as advisors to their organizations.

New regulated trading venues, best execution requirements and a relentless push for automation will significantly impact the role of buy and sell-side FX professionals. Published January 25, 2018 Announced earlier this year and officially launched on 1 October, we introduced you to Refinitiv – our world-leading provider of financial markets data and infrastructure, with a host of technology platforms, software and data and insights. Published October 1, 2018

The top 12 most popular Biometric Update articles of 2018

The rapid expansion of the biometrics market made 2018 a busy year for industry news, filled with newsworthy deployments of biometric technology, government programs, data breaches, and an unprecedented public interest and controversy around identity issues and algorithms.

At the same time, clear communication has become vital to companies handling powerful technology and personal data, even as technological advances and artificial intelligence make it increasingly challenging.

2018 biometric predictions: advanced biometric technologies take off In a guest post at the beginning of the year, FST Biometrics CEO Arie Melamed identified four likely industry developments for 2018, with a high batting average.

Mastercard’s remote enrollment solution for biometric payment cards developed with IDEX The progress of biometric smartcard projects was one of the main themes of the year in biometrics industry news.

Fingerprint Cards publishes ebook on biometric payment cards Fingerprint Cards reviewed the recent technological advances and market conditions in which 2018 gave rise to a series of pilots of biometric payment cards in a 32-page PDF publication.

The biometrics arms race and the future of in-surface fingerprint sensors One of the other major themes of 2018 in the biometrics industry was the launch of smartphones with in-display fingerprint sensors.

Biometrics and blockchain will beat credit card fraudsters Nuggets CEO Alastair Johnson wrote in a guest post that the way to repair the broken payment security system is with blockchain-based apps relying on biometrics.

Deep fake technology outpacing security countermeasures Despite being published half-way through December, the most widely-read article on Biometric Update in 2018 was an exploration of the disturbing possibility of artificial intelligence being used to create convincing digital forgeries.

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