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How to explain Data Science Using Presentation Diagrams

Download: What's Data Science? How it related to Big Data

Big Data PPT

PPT on “Big Data” is data whose scale, diversity and complexity require new architecture, techniques, algorithms, and analytics to manage it and extract value ...

AI for Resumes

Recruiting is a 200 billion dollar industry thats all about judging potential job candidates and seeing if they're a good fit for a position at a company. Recruiters ...

How to Make Data Amazing - Intro to Deep Learning #5

In this video, we'll go through data preprocessing steps for 3 different datasets. We'll also go in depth on a dimensionality reduction technique called Principal ...

Ethical Hacking PPT | Presentation

ethical hacking ppt presentation | download | free | for seminars | in english | slides | video | ppt on ethical hacking | by ankit fadia | tutorials in | workshop | shiva ...

Christopher Roach - R for Pythonistas

PyData New York City 2017 Slides: Whether you're a seasoned ..

How Data Science is Preventing College Dropouts and Advancing Student Success

Slides: Educational institutions have a ..

Leakage in Meta Modeling And Its Connection to HCC Target-Encoding - Mathias Müller,

This presentation was recorded at #H2OWorld 2017 in Mountain View, CA. Enjoy the slides: ...

2018 SAS, R, or Python Analysis From an Actual Data Scientist

Which factors are most likely to determine a data scientist or analytics professional's preference for SAS, R, or Python? After examining our own SAS, R, ...

Vincent Warmerdam - Visualising Data through Pandas

View slides for this presentation here: PyData Berlin 2014 Vincent D. Warmerdam is a data scientist and ..