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The artificial intelligence field is too white and too male, researchers say

The artificial intelligence industry is facing a “diversity crisis,” researchers from the AI Now Institute said in a report released today, raising key questions about the direction of the field.

Women and people of color are deeply underrepresented, the report found, noting studies finding that about 80 percent of AI professors are men, while just 15 percent of AI research staff at Facebook and 10 percent at Google are women.

Diversity, while a hurdle across the tech industry, presents specific dangers in AI, where potentially biased technology, like facial recognition, can disproportionately affect historically marginalized groups.

“It can be seen in unequal workplaces throughout industry and in academia, in the disparities in hiring and promotion, in the AI technologies that reflect and amplify biased stereotypes, and in the resurfacing of biological determinism in automated systems.”

10 Things That Use Artificial Intelligence And You’ve Probably Never Realized It

I’m sure when you hear the words “artificial intelligence”, you immediately think of Hollywood’s sci-fi movies: robots taking over the world, complete mayhem, people freaking out, the end of the world getting closer, etc.

Artificial intelligence is really just a program or machine’s ability to learn and think for itself in such a way that it is capable of developing skills as it practices and gains experience.

According to a HubSpot survey conducted this year, 63% of people aren’t actually aware they use artificial intelligence technologies.

The program connects to your information (messages, calendar, music, reminders, mail, contacts, notes, etc.) automatically, and uses machine learning technology to learn and become “smarter”.

Just like with Siri, Google’s email platform uses machine learning to stop unwanted email or spam from entering your inbox.

What this feature does is analyze all your previous conversations, paying specific attention to the way you respond, and generates a predictive algorithm that produces short answers and even some more complex ones.

The automobile company’s system can receive over-the-air software updates, so their cars never stop getting smarter and more efficient.

This platform doesn’t need any kind of introduction, it’s the largest movie and television show company of its kind, ever.

Thanks to its predictive technologies (like algorithms), Netflix analyzes hundreds of records so it can suggest movies, TV shows and documentaries similar to those you have seen and rated positively.

We’re sure this multilingual teacher has helped you quickly check a word or phrase in a foreign language more than a couple times.

This is only possible thanks to artificial intelligence… The program is now even able to translate signaling, as well as images you focus on your smartphone camera.

And in just a couple of years, its results will be much more precise… You didn’t seriously believe the most popular social media platform in the world would lag behind for even a minute, did you?

It does this by analyzing your behavior and engagement within the social media platform, making sense of your interactions (“likes”, “shares”, comments, etc.) and interests, so it can show you similar content.

This app uses AI to connect with its users, creating daily playlists or mixes, based on what you’ve been listening lately.

And since it generates statistical summaries of all the activity from its users every year, it can find out for sure which were their favorite genres, artists, and languages, and come up with just the right music for them.

11 Artificial Intelligence Movies You’ll Definitely Love To Watch

From the classic big assembly machinery to supercomputers with incredible operating systems all the way down to human-like robots, developments of this century have changed our lives in an unmeasurable way and, judging by the rate of these developments, it’s safe to say we’ve only seen the beginning.

Therefore, taking some time to dive into philosophical and moral implications of AI, like in Leigh Whannell’s 2018 science fiction horror film Upgrade, and to truly think about what this constant impact between humanity and technology means, is the primary trait of any self-respecting developer… thankfully most Artificial Intelligence movies are thought-provoking.

And, as we are obsessed with movies set in the future, especially the ones where technology is the lead lady, we’ve decided to create the ultimate list of AI films spanned through the decades that reflect the everchanging spectrum of our emotions regarding the machines we have created: 1.

Metropolis Let’s start at the beginning, and there’s no more grandiose beginning that Fritz Lang’s 1927 epic expressionist Sci-Fi.  With groundbreaking visuals (for its time), and a plot that has stood out the test of time, this film has influenced it all: from Blade Runner to Black Mirror, you can see the echo of its ideas in almost every content created after.

Mainly because this is the first serious Sci-Fi film, giving us not only very advanced machinery to look at (which by the way changed our collective vision of what the future looked like), but also a biting social commentary of the implications of human interaction with machines, inspiring and molding our attitude towards many later real and imaginary AI creations to come.

Fast forward to 1968, when HAL 9000, the epitome of the “evil computer”, decides to kill two astronauts because he is unable to reconcile the order to conceal the true nature of its mission with its self-described incapacity to fail: “No ‘9000’ computer has ever made a mistake or distorted information”.

The film never explains where that (almost) hatred comes from but, even when the machine takes on a human form, the differences between him and humans are quite clear, and not just because of its constant disregard at the idea of maintaining a single unalterable form.

On the other hand, much like Skynet, VIKI is a rebellious and quite dangerous supercomputer, the difference is VIKI’s logic didn’t turn her against us to protect itself, but because it prioritized society’s interests over the individuals, this robot honestly believes it can only serve humanity by ruling it.

There he finds a space-cruise filled with incredibly unhealthy humans and through sheer force of will (something usually reserved for humans), and the discovery of a small plant, takes the feeble population of the cruise back to Earth.

This is not some dystopian warning of the evils of technology, but another view on the lovable AI trend that provides a clear examination on the implications of how we relate to it and how it will change the way we relate to each other.  The robot here is a particular hybrid between some of the other AI’s we’ve discussed on this list.

The film frames AI in an optimistic utopian border, but it still reminds us that technology has the capacity of running amok when unchecked or when created under dubious ethical circumstances, as the film leaves clear that a lot of lonely people are falling in love and creating friendships with seemingly sentient operating systems that leave them completely heartbroken when they leave.

At the end of it all, the idea that computer system can somehow become self-aware and decide that we should be completely destroyed or ruled over, as we cannot take care of ourselves it’s a common trope, but in real life all the AI attacks we have suffered have been for very no threatening stuff.

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