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Sipeed Artificial Intelligence Modules are now Available in the Seeed OPL!

For the maker community, artificial intelligence (AI) no doubt offers a treasure trove of promise and possibilities waiting to be uncovered as projects based on AI abound.

From smart home devices to smart cars and drones, AI has become much more pervasive in our daily lives and will play an even major role in the coming years.

It is designed for low power AI processes including face detection, object recognition and imaging capabilities at the edge.

With Seeed’s strategic location in Shenzhen, the world’s manufacturing hub, we are able to procure the necessary components rapidly from renowned component distributors like Digikey and Mouser, and deliver a complete device to our customers.

But since the ESP8285 has the flash memory built inside the chip, it comes in a much smaller size and complements the square inch module’s small footprint.

And because Seeed Fusion is committed to making hardware manufacturing more affordable and accessible for everyone, we currently are offering the service with absolutely no assembly cost for up to 5 boards.

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