AI News, Mitsubishi Quiets Car Noise With Machine Learning

Mitsubishi Quiets Car Noise With Machine Learning

Mitsubishi Electric is claiming a breakthrough with its development of noise suppression technology to aid hands-free phone callsin the car and elsewhere.

“It is much harder to reduce noise when its characteristics are largely unpredictable.” To better distinguish human speech from other sounds, the researchers are developing speech-enhancement systems that learn to exploit spectral and dynamic characteristics of human speech such as pitch and timber.

So to effectively remove the noise, the filter needs to have a fine frequency resolution and be updated very rapidly.” In tests, Le Roux says they were able to cancel out 96 percent of the ambient noise compared to just 78 percent achieved by conventional methods.

“Our technology will also be useful for hands-free command and control situations, such as when using Apple’s Siri or Google’s Voice Search in smart phones, as well as in call centers that use speech recognition to handle common requests.” Mitsubishi plans to launch the technology in 2018 in its line of automotive navigation and communication devices.

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