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As You Accelerate on Your Cloud Journey, Make Sure Data is in the Driver’s Seat

By: James Petter, VP International, Pure Storage With the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, data has shifted from informational asset to the core of innovation.

As a consequence, organizations are struggling to extract value from their data as evidenced by the fact that 75% of enterprises in the MEA region reported that they face challenges in digesting, analyzing and interpreting all the data.

In the old days, specific applications dictated infrastructure needs, but in an era of exponential data growth, use of that data—and accessibility to it―should be the driving factor in any cloud strategy.

For example, applications that typically run consistently day after day and week after week—mission critical, steady state apps that run all the time without a lot variance—are better-suited to an on-prem instance.

As executives begin the shift to making strategic decisions based on the type of data rather than type of application, one way to accomplish it is to view the classic concept of application tiering in a new way.

Modern data centricity means that application mobility―the ability to seamlessly move applications born in the cloud to an on-premises environment, or vice versa, based on needs the data dictate—is what is mission critical.

Yet periodic analytics reports or an intelligent algorithm that runs for end-of-month reporting are good candidates for the cloud. The agility of the cloud allows you to not need this massive compute on-premises, as you can spin up the compute you need quickly for the period of time you need it. Need a report faster, spin up more compute. Having a common data layer makes data mobile and applications agile.

That’s how you liberate applications, unify cloud, manage data across the data center and cloud—to unlock new use cases like AI and real-time analytics―and ultimately give your organization the data advantage.

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