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Hand it over: The college, which represents psychiatrists working in the UK, has called on the government to compel Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to hand over data to academics on the type of material users are viewing, and the amount of time they are spending on the platforms.

The context: The UK government is in the process of setting up up an online safety regulator, and the college says this body should be given the power to force companies to hand over data.

They have little incentive to, and could expose themselves to risks if they do: individual users could potentially be reidentified from the data, for example, or people might choose to take legal action as a result of the findings.

Call for local students

Join us for the first edition of the Artificial Intelligence Latin American Hackathon 2020, to be held right after the SumMIT, on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 of January at the third floor of the MIT Media Lab.

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