AI News, MIRI’s December 2017 Newsletter and Annual Fundraiser

MIRI’s December 2017 Newsletter and Annual Fundraiser

Actual goals — A bigger-picture outline of what we think is the likeliest sequence of events that could lead to good global outcomes.

We’ve hired the first members of our new engineering team, including math PhD Jesse Liptrap and former Quixey lead architect Nick Tarleton!

I’m also happy to announce that Blake Borgeson has come on in an advisory role to help establish our engineering program.

Blake is a Nature-published computational biologist who co-founded Recursion Pharmaceuticals, where he leads the biotech company’s machine learning work.

We received $48,132 in donations during Facebook’s Giving Tuesday event, of which $11,371 — from speedy donors who made the event’s 85-second cutoff!

A reply to Francois Chollet on intelligence explosion

Personnel costs are MIRI’s most significant expense, and higher research staff turnover in 2017 meant that we had fewer net additions to the team this year than we’d budgeted for.

The Future of AI – What Do You Think?

Max Tegmark’s new book on artificial intelligence, Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, explores how AI will impact life as it grows increasingly advanced, perhaps even achieving superintelligence far beyond human level in all areas.