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MIPCOM Screenings Wrap: Trigger, Escape at Dannemora, The Pier & Way Too Kawaii

MIPCOM 2018 included three World Premiere Screenings from already much-talked-about new shows: Trigger, Escape at Dannemora and The Pier.

And Nippon TV’s Way Too Kawaii was revealed to the MIPCOM audience, at the Asian World Premiere screening on Tuesday.  All sessions included Q&A sessions after the screening with key members of the cast and production teams.

It focuses on a provocative psychologist called Artem, whose own life is in chaos after he went to prison for allegedly causing a patient’s suicide.

“He has this very interesting opposition of his brilliant professional career, and the complete chaos in his personal life… But I think that’s also what makes the series to interesting to the spectator,”

“I’m very fortunate that in my personal life I have never ever had situations like my character had, thank god!

The show is based on a true story about a prison break in upstate New York, and the role played by an employee at the prison who had affairs with the two prisoners in the months leading up to their escape –

he said, while enthusing about the ability to tell the story over a series of TV episodes, rather than as a single film.

In the latter case: “It just wouldn’t be as interesting because it would be pretty reductive: you wouldn’t be able to tell the stories of all the characters.”

The show centres on Alexandra (played by Sánchez), an architect whose husband dies, and who then finds out that he’d been leading a double life, including another partner, Veronica (played by Arcos).

(cute) fashion his colleagues promote in the magazine they edit.  “The character I play is an ambitious executive who’s not interested in kawaii,”

he added, though his local celebrity didn’t always make things easy. “We had to keep our gear lightweight, because Tokyo is so crowded;

I’d get people coming up to me all the time, and I’d have to say ‘sorry, we’re filming!’ I hope you’ll visit Tokyo soon to appreciate what an adventure it was.”