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Computational Aspects of Biological Information 2015 Microsoft Research New England, Cambridge, MA | December 2015 Computational Aspects of Biological Information (CABI) 2015 was the third one-day workshop on challenges and successes in computational biology and brought together experts in the Boston/Cambridge area to discuss computational solutions to problems in biology, including systems biology, genomics, and related areas.

Designing the Digital Economy Microsoft Research New England, Cambridge, MA | October 2015 Designing the Digital Economy (DDE) is a day-and-a-half long conference bringing leading economists to Microsoft Research New England’s interdisciplinary economics research environment to discuss the new market designs technology is enabling.

How Microsoft and Novartis created Assess MS (extended version)

Several years ago, the biotech company Novartis came to Microsoft because they had seen the Kinect system for Xbox game consoles and thought the body ...

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

This video introduces the topic of running virtual machines in Microsoft Azure for scientific research. You will learn about the different types of virtual machines, ...

Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice in Machine Learning

Machine learning has become one of the most exciting research areas in the world, with various applications. However, there exists a noticeable gap between ...

How Should We Evaluate Machine Learning for AI?: Percy Liang

Machine learning has undoubtedly been hugely successful in driving progress in AI, but it implicitly brings with it the train-test evaluation paradigm.

Reprogramming the Human Genome: Why AI is Needed - Brendan Frey #reworkDL

Brendan Frey on his work in artificial intelligence and deep learning. Reprogramming the Human Genome: Why AI is Needed We have figured out how to write ...

Video Case Study: Gläser and Microsoft Partner axtrion | Microsoft

More information about axtrion: Microsoft Partner axtrion developed an IoT-solution based on Microsoft Azure Cloud for the hidden ..

MSR India Research Overview

Distributed machine learning is an important area that has been receiving considerable attention from academic and industrial communities, as data is growing ...

The nuts and bolts of AI: What’s next for Taiwan’s manufacturing sector?

Every day, Shiu Wen Chiuan, engineer at Sumeeko, metal fastener manufacturer, must manually check, maintain and recalibrate the company's precision ...

Microsoft HoloLens: Partner Spotlight with Case Western Reserve University

For education, Microsoft HoloLens will help make incredible leaps forward in productivity, collaboration, and innovation. See how Microsoft HoloLens transforms ...

How researchers are teaching AI to learn like a child

Machine learning algorithms may need programmed instincts to gain common sense. Learn more: Credits ..