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Besides a host of new data protection measures and new rules around use of a centralized database managed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Health, a general prohibition on transferring health data outside the UAE has a significant impact on healthcare service providers and life sciences companies operating locally.

The health authorities in each local emirate are empowered to establish the rules, standards and controls for their own electronic data and health information systems, such as the methods of operation, exchange of data and information and their protection, as well as access to and copying of data and information The Law applies to all entities operating in the UAE, whether onshore or from one of its free zones (including Dubai Healthcare City), which provide: •

it regulates the processing of all electronic health data regardless of its form, including names of patients, information collected during consultation, diagnosis and treatment, alpha-numerical patient identifiers, common procedural technology (CPT) codes, images produced by medical imaging technology, and lab results among other types of data.

Accordingly, cloud solutions hosted out of country, outsourcing of IT services to overseas locations, remote IT support from other departments within multi-national Healthcare Service Providers and remote collection and monitoring of patient information within the UAE, such as heart rate, sleep patterns, or steps walked, from outside the UAE through apps and wearables may be significantly impacted.

Website blocking for advertisement or licensing violations The UAE Ministry of Health is entitled to instruct the relevant local or federal health authorities to block any website, whether inside or outside of the UAE that does not comply with the regulations applicable to healthcare advertising or which provides healthcare information without a license or permission from the UAE Ministry of Health.

Where to draw the line in this assessment remains a topic of discussion between industry stakeholders and regulators, particularly in light of high profile breaches in recent years such as the collaboration between the Royal Free London NHS Trust and Google Deep Mind to identify patients at risk of kidney disease, or in the context of using health data for secondary research purposes.

Typically, access to centralised systems – such as the planned healthcare system – is facilitated by open APIs (application programme interfaces) made available to third party suppliers of IT systems which access the system.

for any health data which cannot be anonymized / denonymized due to the nature of the processing activities, source alternative third party service providers to conduct the processing of that data within the borders of the UAE •

review contracts with third party service providers which process personal data and ensure that the contractual obligations for data processing and information security are sufficient to meet the new requirements of the law •

add a step to the existing compliance sign-off process prior to adoption of new operational processes and business lines to ensure that no health data leaves the UAE and that the minimum statutory compliance standards are met.

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority launches Artificial Intelligence initiative with IBM

The workshops, which are part of the ADDA’s ongoing AI-focused initiative, looks towards increasing key awareness on the benefits and advantages being offered by AI, while also helping improve the decision-making skills of local government employees, especially in the efforts to further develop all sectors of the emirate.

With this new training program, ADDA will be able to live up to its commitment of playing a central role in the improvement and enhancement of the talents and skills of the national workforce--ushering in a new generation of highly skilled and qualified UAE nationals in essential areas of technology and innovation.” “The collaborative efforts between ADDA and IBM is aimed towards helping us implement the emirate's digital transformation agenda.

We are confident that our partnership with IBM will continue to play a significant part in the move to support, provide and implement innovative technologies and solutions--reinforcing our continuing move to drive innovation, improve operational efficiencies and the development of much-needed skills to make better, informed, capital decisions,” concluded Al Saadi.

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