AI News, Microsoft bolsters threat prevention capabilities for enterprises artificial intelligence

SailPoint rolls out cloud governance solutions for a multi-cloud world

SailPoint Cloud Access Management enables enterprises to gain better visibility into which users, human and non-human, have access to multi-cloud IaaS environments, leveraging real-time monitoring to automatically find and manage high-risk access, and ensuring least privilege using defined guardrails where necessary.

As the adoption of multi-cloud platforms increases, without proper governance over access to these platforms and workloads, enterprises lack visibility into who and what has access to sensitive applications and data in the cloud which opens up new areas of risk across the organisation, SailPoint states.

Trulove says, “By extending identity governance to evaluate where access risks may exist in these environments, we’re providing the visibility our customers need to understand and secure access while speeding important access decisions in the cloud.

Cybersecurity teams preferring human results shows mistrust in AI

Mistrust in artificial intelligence (AI) continues to manifest itself as the emerging technology spreads to industries spanning the tech world, with cybersecurity being no exception.

report released today by WhiteHat Security has revealed while over half of surveyed organisations use artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning in their security stack, nearly 60% are still more confident in cyberthreat findings verified by humans over AI.

AI and ML can be a powerful stress relief agent too, as nearly 40% of respondents also feel their stress levels have decreased since incorporating AI tools into their security stack Of this number, 65% claim AI tools allow them to focus more closely on cyberattack mitigation and preventive measures than before.

But the perceived gulf between human and machine intuition is proving to be the primary barrier to more widespread adoption, with a majority of respondents emphasising skills that the human element provides that AI and machine learning simply cannot match.

IDC names Mindfields ‘leading RPA service provider’

Automation and artificial intelligence advisory firm Mindfields has been named a leading RPA service provider in Asia Pacific by IDC.

IDC Financial Insights indicates that institutions which choose an intelligent automation service provider based on six identified capabilities, typically achieve more favourable and long-term results from their automation deployments.

Its product portfolio includes a Centre of Excellence platform (CoE.exe), a cloud-based automation management platform (MindEzy), an onshore, offshore or hybrid support offering (MindSupport), Mindfields IP based IA consulting and bot development training programmes, which are customised for both graduate and corporate professionals (MindUni) and a finance function automation package (CFO.exe).

Founded in 2006, Mindfields is a vendor-agnostic intelligent automation and artificial intelligence advisory firm, providing strategy services to CXO level executives across verticals on emerging and disruptive technologies.

CCL announces partnership with Microsoft to meet Azure demand

IT management and cloud services company CCL has today announced a three-year partnership with Microsoft.

The expanded partnership comes at a time where research from IDC reports that revenue from managed cloud services is expected to hit $1 billion in 2023 –

“This partnership with Microsoft truly allows us to continue to build our Azure expertise and develop complementary products and services that will ultimately translate into tangible wins for New Zealand businesses,”

Microsoft general manager of New Zealand Barrie Sheers says the partnership reflects the hunger for scalable, secure cloud platforms that will enable New Zealand organisations to realise the benefits of AI, big data and other modern technologies.

“Microsoft’s research shows innovation and productivity in New Zealand organisations are set to rise at least 50% by 2021 thanks to AI adoption, while the government is focused on providing secure, accessible, digital services to all New Zealanders,”

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