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#220 Exponential Africa - Anita Schjøll Brede

Today on the Exponential Africa Show Mic Mann interviews Anita Schjøll Brede, Co-founder of Iris.AI and SingularityU Nordic faculty member specialising in Artificial Intelligence.Iris.AI helps academics and researchers go from ideas and research projects, to finding the precise reading list reducing about 80% of time usually spent researching and going through hundred and thousands of documentation to find the specific documents needed for the project,.Anita speaks about her journey with Singularity University, how she founded and raised money for Iris.AI, together with going through what AI actually means.Watch the full video to gain a better understanding on AI and hear more about her inspirational journey to getting to where she is today!#futureproofAfrica

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"Any company that was created to succeed in the 20th century is designed to fail in the 21st century."

is the co-author of over 150 scientific papers in journals, conferences, chapter books, more than 4,000 citations (Google Scholar) and has 3 patents, and 8 patent solicitations and he is editor and author of 14 books.

His current research interests include concurrent engineering, technologies for rapid product design and manufacturing, enterprise integration engineering, technology management, and collaborative networked organizations, he has applied research and development for the economic sectors of: automotive, construction, energy.

He currently is the technical leader of the project: Bi-National Laboratory on Smart Sustainable Energy Management and Technology Training, funded by SENER – CONACYT, with the objective to design and implement 18 laboratories, to create 4 international research networks, to develop 8 research projects, design and execute 10 MOOC courses to prepare 15,000 people in subjects relevant to energy sector, and 155 graduate students.


From Idea to MVP – The Players T-Labs’ method of work follows a collaborative approach combining the work of visionary disruptors, business strategists and creative makers, working together to produce MVPs for its business partners in Deutsche Telekom.

In this context, T-Labs, as the forward-thinking innovation unit, aims not only to explore the latest technologies, but also to act a social enabler, a contributor and trusted partner for sustainable social development, which ultimately reveals the impacts and opportunities of innovations.

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