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From the crystal clear interplanetary voice calls of Star Trek’s communicators, to 2001: A Space Odyssey’s uncannily accurate prediction of Skype, we’ve always imagined that the future involved staying in touch, even if it’s just so we can show off our latest hover car on Instagram.

With 36,471 free Wi-Fi hotspots for every 100,000 residents, you’re never too far away from the nearest place to get online, and you don’t have to worry about eating into your mobile data.

If you want to video chat, ditch your cash and use your phone to pay with Apple/Google Pay, or Tweet or Facebook as many people as possible, then you’ll need to head to the country which has the highest proportion of smartphones per person, which would mean hopping on a plane to Singapore.

With a road network that is impeccably maintained, the highest proliferation of electric car charging ports in the world and favourable legislation on autonomous cars, it’s the perfect place to not get behind the wheel.

Statistics from the Netherland’s government put car accident rates as being 99% human error, which could explain its faith in autonomous vehicles and desire to see virtual drivers rather than real ones.

While these robots may not quite be Hollywood fare yet (you’ll be waiting a long time for a witty one-liner), they are incredibly prevalent in the workspace, filling South Korea’s factories with automatons that can quickly and efficiently complete complex jobs.

Singapore currently invests an incredible $1,831 per person into research and development, which explains their high ranking as a city of the future, and one that clearly won’t rest on its laurels in the pursuit of the next technological breakthrough.

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