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Its ability to learn vast amounts of data, recognize patterns, and spit out results has improved countless industries and will improve countless more in the coming years.

And, thanks to a dedicated industry constantly inventing and reinventing new ways for AI to be utilized, its iterations are getting more impressive every day.

AlphaGo, an artificially intelligent robot designed by DeepMind to play the complicated strategy game Go, continues its domination of human players, with one opponent describing it as “like a God.” Google Home and Alexa, virtual assistants powered by artificial intelligence, can search the internet infinitely faster than any web surfer on the planet.

While completing chores and expediting tasks is obviously the most valuable aspect of artificial intelligence, its increasingly impressive ability to listen is turning more heads than ever before.

After all, most virtual assistants have reached more than 90 percent accuracy when it comes to voice recognition, which is decidedly better than most humans.

Developed by Alan Turing, the test is quite simple: In a blind setting, you simply ask a human being to tell the difference between an artificially intelligent chatbot and a human.

The technology has seen innovation after innovation in recent years, yet there is likely still a plateau on the horizon that will prevent artificial intelligence from reaching the mountaintop.

Whether it’s common sense logic or emotional intelligence, AI continues to struggle with some of the most basic world views of the human brain, due to its inability to learn the way we do.

If we can’t figure out why our brains need us to spend one third of our lives in bed, how could we possibly hope to truly recreate them in any meaningful way?

AI can’t learn like a human, it can’t listen like a human, and it can’t act like a human because its creators still don’t know what it means to be human.

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