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While one was designed to make the other’s existence a little bit easier, science fiction media, ardent conspiracy theorists, and stressed out entrepreneurs have driven a wedge between the two, frequently insisting that technology is undeniably bound to turn on us.

Whether it’s the robots of Skynet or Elon Musk rambling about the murderous tendencies of artificial intelligence, fear of the tech-fueled apocalypse is as old as people sound when they insist it’s going to happen.

With its sleek body, creepy joints, and noticeably strained movements, the four-legged (and one-armed) robot dog struts into the frame of the video, walks up to a door, and opens it with the speed and precision of a drunk toddler learning to walk.

Armed with nothing more than a hockey stick and a well-placed piece of ribbon, which are hardly sufficient tools for fending off the impending apocalypse, one engineer did his best to stop the robotic dog from accomplishing its mission to no avail.

If you actually think that doors are our last line of defense in the allegedly unavoidable war against our artificially intelligent colleagues, you can rest easy knowing that a locked door would’ve stopped SpotMini in its tracks.

People freaked out after robot dogs opened a door. Now they're resisting humans.

In one of the scariest moments in the movie “Jurassic Park,” a pair of intelligent  Velociraptors, brought back to Earth by man’s hubris, defy an assumption about their limitations: They open a kitchen door.

The robotics company posted a video last week, showing two of their yellow SpotMini robots helping each other enter a door. Now the company has released a sequel in which a single 2½-foot-tall robot is controlled by an unseen human driver who directs the robot claw to the door handle and issues a “Go” command.

[Ford wants to patent a driverless police car that ambushes lawbreakers using artificial intelligence] Besides providing nightmare fuel for humankind, and plotlines for the bleak tech world TV show “Black Mirror,” the robots could also offer more positive benefits. During a natural or man-made disaster, for instance, they could help navigate situations that would otherwise put people in danger (think inspecting gas leaks or clawing through rubble in a bombed-out building).

(The SpotMini’s bulkier cousin, BigDog, was funded by the Pentagon’s research arm as a potential battlefield ally to carry heavy ammunition and help evacuate wounded troops. But the Marine Corps decided in 2015 that BigDog was simply too loud and could give away the position to enemy troops.) In the newest video, the SpotMini’s claw is temporarily thwarted by a man using a wooden tool carried by Homo sapiens in Canada and the northeastern United States — a hockey stick.

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