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A brief report about the Big Data Analytics 2019 conference (BDA 2019)

This week, I have attended the 7th Big Data Analytics conference (BDA 2019), which was held in Ahmedabad, India from the 17th to 20th December 2019.

This was a great event with good keynote speeches, invited talks, research papers, tutorials, a workshop on IT for agriculture, a panel and social activities.

This year, authors from 13 countries published papers, and the program committee, invited talks and keynote speeches comprised experts from numerous countries, as well as local experts.

This is the proceedings book, which is available electronically to attendees: It was a pleasure for me to work as Program Committee co-chair for the conference to help select papers and build the program.

This year, there was about 53 submissions, from which 13 were selected for publication (an acceptance rate of about 25%), and five invited papers were also published, for a total of 18 papers.

It talked about how he has developed computer systems to provide advices to farmers in India, in various projects for more than 10 years.

But the paper covered a wide range of topics from pattern mining, information extraction, online review helpfulness prediction, urban tree type classification to data warehousing.

Here is a picture (some panel members not shown): The topic was the relationship between machine learning and big data analytics.

Moreover, I was happy to talk with some local students who attended the conference and asked me some questions about how to learn about data science and machine learning.

Besides, I was happy to meet some professors from some local universities who told me that they were using my SPMF data mining software for teaching data mining.

Group photo Here is a group photo of BDA attendees: Next year: BDA 2020 Next year, the BDA 2020 conference will be held in New Dehli, India.

—Philippe Fournier-Vigeris a professor of Computer Science and also the founder of theopen-source data mining software SPMF,offering more than 150 data mining algorithms.

Balaji Vasan Srinivasan

Balaji is a senior research scientist at the Adobe Research Big data Experience Labs, Bangalore, India.

His research interests span the areas of natural language processing, data mining, machine learning, social data analytics and high performance computing.

His  work experience includes research internships at National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD (May –