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McDonald's big AI splurge is all about drive-through domination

In The Founder, a 2016 film about Ray Kroc – the entrepreneur who from 1954 took McDonald’s from family enterprise to multi-billion dollar empire – one scene shows the businessman as he orders from the fast-food restaurant for the first time.

The technology will be deployed in drive-throughs, and potentially self-order kiosks and mobile apps, in a move to increase automation in restaurants and speed up delivery, while also reducing inaccuracies in order taking.

It’s refining the overall drive-through experience, and that’s good for both business and customer.” With 70 per cent of the chain’s orders coming through drive-throughs, it is easy to see why the fast food company would want to make the experience a seamless one.

While the average wait in a Burger King drive-through is just over 193 seconds, the waiting time in McDonald’s is about 273 seconds, making it the tenth and slowest fast food company studied in the report.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and the chain restaurant is now opening the McDonald’s Tech Labs, a group within McDonald’s Global Technology team, formed of engineers, data scientists and experts working on bringing solutions to the business’ future needs.

Sodhi explains that using technology to personalise customer experience is actually contrary to McDonald’s business model – a model that he remembers was used as an example of lean manufacturing at business school.

From the looks of its latest quarterly reports, though, it would seem that its future is safe: McDonald’s is still the world’ largest chain restaurant by revenue, with earnings up 18 per cent year-on-year and over 37,000 locations worldwide.

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