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Department of Computer Science

Our computing facilities are state of the art, and many of our majors participate in undergraduate research alongside faculty on a variety of topics, including large-scale simulation, parallel computing, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, ethics, and theoretical computer science.

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in computer science, we also offer computing as a second major, providing an innovative track for students who want a computer science major to complement a primary major in another discipline.

Online Master of Computer Science

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 (3.25 recommended) in the last 60 credit hours (last two (2) years) of a four (4) year undergraduate degree.

Two (2) semesters of advanced math in Calculus I and Calculus II, and a background course in Discrete Math.

Students with an undergraduate degree in a STEM field have likely completed the math requirement.

You can take four short self-paced non-credit courses offered through our Continuing and Professional Education that demonstrate knowledge of these topics.

Computer Science

Graduate-level research in Machine Learning, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Science, Complex Systems, Human Centered Computing, Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Data Science, among other areas, makes this one of the most prominent departments nationally.

In one example of that collaboration, the department will share in a $250 million gift to the university from the Coleman Institute to develop technologies that will enhance the lives of people with cognitive disabilities.

Typical GRE scores of admitted applicants are 157 verbal (or 560 verbal using old scoring) and 161 quantitative (or 775 quantitative using old scoring).

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