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Three prominent Gensuite leaders reflect and look ahead to 2019.

Gensuite is pleased to announce our Application Recharge—the all-hands-on-deck initiative to makeover all of our application modules, including more than just a new look.

Learn how Gensuite solutions can fit your needs and benefit you as a subscriber–and why we are proud to foster a community that delivers 100% on-time launch targets and has achieved a 92%+ subscriber retention rating from 2011 to 2019.

CX 4.0: Experience Transformation Service Excellence

The customer service industry is experiencing the biggest digital shift and Customer Experience (CX) brand leaders seek to expand channels, leverage analytics, adopt automation, and integrate the front office with back office operations.

CX pioneers should prepare for a surge in the adoption of disrupter technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), digital self-service, and bot tools as well as the need to hire data scientists to improve business intelligence and better enable consumers to get the right answer fast.

CX 4.0: Experience Transformation & Service Excellence Experience Transformation and Service Excellence

New Source of Revenue Think Globally, Act Locally and Market Strategically - The Key to Surviving and Thriving in Today's Customer Revolution Humanising the Digital Experience with AR and VR EXCLUSIVE 3RD DAY Design Thinking Workshop This workshop will actively engage participants in the steps of design thinking from immersion in the customer's world to mapping and analyzing pain points and opportunities to prototyping and validating solutions.

CX Hack.A.Thon This session will help participants think out of the box and explore new ideas and solutions to deliver delightful and best-in-class customer experience.


Tjendra Halima

Country CFO

Pallav Patni


Hong Kong &

FP&A Director, APAC Region

Jeremy Cheah

Gunny Cho from Celltrion on developing vital skills in the age of artificial intelligence

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